Urban prescriptions: how to pickle cabbage in banks

Before how to pickle cabbage in banks, carefully check the quality of raw material, that is our cabbage.For pickling cabbage take "late" varieties, strong and solid.Be sure to watch out for, so that cabbages were podmorozheny, as otherwise it will not turn crispy cabbage.

1. Take a cabbage (10 kg), my, remove the top leaves, cut into 4 pieces and shinkuem.For convenience and speed, you can use cabbage grater or a special knife.

2. Then clean 1 kg of carrots and grate.

3. Cabbage salt to taste (1 kg of cabbage 20 g of salt), and shifted his hands.Then add carrots and mix.

4. Now we need to put our cabbage in a jar.Take a clean 3-liter jars and fill with salt cabbage, tamping firmly to the top.

5. Bank put in a bowl and leave to ferment for 3 days.All this time, the banks will flow from juice, pour it back into the jar.Cabbage also need to pierce with a wooden stick or spoon to the bottom of the cans to come out gas.

6. After 3 days, poured cans of brine in a basin, add to

it sugar (3 tbsp. L. In the bank), stir and re-fill the cabbage brine.

7. Close salted cabbage in the jar and put them in cold storage on.This cabbage can be stored all winter.

salinity banks cabbage Korean

Korean cuisine is spicy and pungent flavor, so salted cabbage in Korean is perfect as the original snacks.

To salt in the banks best Cabbage, but if there is none, it is quite possible to replace the white cabbage.So, we learn, how salted cabbage banks Korean.

1. Take the head and cut into large plates.Important: Do not shinkuem not cut into cubes or squares, and it is cut into large pieces.

2. Fold the cabbage in a large saucepan or basin and pour brine (cold water from the tap, plus salt to taste), put the top yoke and leave at room temperature for three days.

3. At the end of my allotted time carrots (1/3 by weight of cabbage), clean and rub on a grater or Korean shinkuem knife.

4. Grated carrot mix with relish, which is prepared as follows: 500 grams of garlic twist in a meat grinder with 300 grams of hot pepper and 200 g Bulgarian pepper, stir and season with salt to taste (150-200 g).This seasoning you need to put as much as you love yourself, this will depend on the degree of severity of our cabbage.

5. Now, mix the cabbage with spicy carrots and placed in a clean jar, carefully tamping.Then prepare a new brine from the cold water tap and salt, pour them cabbage.We reserve salted cabbage in the banks room for another 3 days and then storing them.

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