The baby does not sleep

dream - it is a very important physiological condition of the body.In the dream, is replenishing energy costs which took place during the day.There is a fixation that the child knew the day.

For parents, the most important task this evening is how to put the baby to sleep.People often notice that even minor changes in the environment or in behavior may affect what the baby will sleep poorly.

process of falling asleep in children should not go more than 20 minutes.If your baby can not fall asleep in that time period, then it is considered as difficulty falling asleep, sleep disorder.The reason that the baby does not sleep , can be many:

Firstly, it is the internal causes that are caused by the nervous system of the child: it depends on the temperament of each child, neurotic disorders, as well as various disorders and psychologicalmother state, because the state is transferred to the baby mother.In such a case often recommend bathe the baby before going to bed using a variety of tools with a calmi

ng effect, and then lull baby.

second reason that baby sleeps poorly , are external factors.It depends on what the situation is going to fall asleep: a familiar atmosphere and adherence of the day - for children is very important.Observance of the factors which are familiar to the child and that the child gets used and understands that at the moment is preparing to sleep - all this is very important.Unfamiliar surroundings, noise can also affect the poor sleep of the infant.

Do not forget that children often wake up the newborn and the first three or six months of life - and this is not the reason that the child does not sleep well, it is a natural factor.Such children may wake up every three or four hours - is the norm.Waking up can on what they need to change posture to eat or drink, to change diapers.

Another of the reasons that baby sleeps poorly , and crying during sleep may be something that he something prevents or something hurts.This may be bowel dysfunction, respiratory disorder, nasal congestion, and more, that is, it can be the internal causes of the child, the health of his body.

sleep disorders requiring treatment, and there are formed gradually.There are families whose daily routine is not respected.Sleep is conditional reflex activity, code, this condition occurs in a particular situation and a particular time every day, sleep problems do not arise.If disturbed sleep and the duration it is insufficient, this may lead to the formation of neurotic person in the future.To avoid such trouble in the future, try to first days of life to observe and adhere to a specific mode of the day.

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