The rash in an infant

Hormonal rash. In the first months of baby's life on his face and the head covered with hair, you will notice a rash of small red pimples with a white dot in the center.Such rash in an infant associated with the establishment of hormonal and goes without any treatment by around the age of 2-3 months.

Miliaria .Irritation of the skin baby-related sweating.Manifested in the form of a fine pink rash in the folds of the body is usually in the summer, and in the case of non-compliance with the rules of hygiene, if the baby remains in the wet diaper.For the mother, this rash in an infant should be a signal that it is hot and uncomfortable.Ventilate the room frequently to wash the baby and change his clothes.

hives. allergic rash of bright pink nodules, occurs when an allergen entering a mother's milk or other meals.It happens when the early introduction of complementary foods.Also distinguish contact allergies.In order to eradicate this kind of rash in an infant, it is necessary to identify and remov

e from its environment and diet potential allergens.

Roseola .This disease is also called a three-day fever who suffer exceptionally children under the age of 2 years.Roseola starts with a fever, which lasts exactly three days and ends with the disease pinkish-red focal rash.Roseola is not treated, it runs independently within a week.

Acne .Acne rash in an infant black hearth inflammation occurs within the period from 3 months to one and a half years, mainly for boys.It arises from the increased production of androgens.

Intertrigo. occurs in newborns if not properly care for his super-sensitive skin, such as when the baby rubs clothing or diaper.Diaper rash appear as bright red spots, similar to a burn.When diaper rash, let your child take air baths, leaving him naked for 15 minutes a day.Wash the inflamed place of chamomile extract, add grass in the evening bath.

If a child is not just a rash, red and scaly spots like scab, it may be diathesis infant .Be carefull!

Whichever character was not wearing a rash in an infant, you should seek medical advice if it is accompanied by fever or other symptoms.

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