Allergies in the baby

If the baby is covered with small red dots, it is possible that the so-called "potnichka."It appears the baby when it is very hot. Or first months of life of the baby in the back of the neck formed by the accumulation of blood vessels, which is affectionately called "kiss" or "stork bite".It looks like a pronounced allergy baby , but lacked a slightest cause for concern among parents.Not to be confused with rash in an infant .

If a baby breast-fed, you must sit quietly and remember everything you ate before feeding.It was my mother's breast milk is the main source of food for the baby, and therefore the starting point from which to "dance". To avoid allergies in the baby , you need to keep track of your daily diet, and it is better to make a special diet menu that will protect mom and baby from unnecessary anxiety.

main allergenic foods for mothers during lactation are fresh fruits and berries, not to mention the exotic fruit.Exception: bananas, pears and apples.They can safely eat, but do not

abuse it.It should be excluded from the diet foods with food dyes and any additives of chemical origin.

In addition, it is important to remember what the parents have an allergy (if available).Sometimes it becomes the key to solving the problem.

If the baby is bottle-fed, perhaps, it may not be appropriate mixture itself, where you are using, and should try something else.

Overall, allergies have a baby - is almost inevitable, but with proper nutrition and attention to child can be prevented, and such minor troubles.

If the child has grown up, and allergic preserved, Line up the image of a child's life in a way that allergy is not a danger to his life and health.

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