How should eat baby

Many young mothers at birth of first child have many questions:

  • how to determine whether enough milk to the child;
  • how often to feed grudnichka;
  • much should eat the baby.

During breastfeeding the child himself has control over the allocation of milk.Suckles - the milk comes in, does not suck the breast - milk less.Try to put your baby to the breast more often - it helps to improve lactation.No need to limit the time a child sucking and sucking amount.

Sometimes a child's growth spurts occur, so it is normal that he needs more frequent breastfeeding.Put your baby to the breast whenever he wants to.The child himself will show you how much milk they need and how often.After one to two weeks to develop into a comfortable mode of both of you are breast-feeding.

When the need is on the application of the breast increases:

  • the baby growth spurts;
  • teething;
  • child is sick.

During growth spurts feed your baby as often and long as he asks, it will help you increase the amount of milk.Breast feeding

women can be compared to the principle of "demand - offer" means that the more grudnichok sucks, the more milk the mother produces.After this period - growth spurt, a child again regains its feeding regime.Continue such leaps very long, from one to two to three days.

What should eat the baby? This is one of the major issues with which the biggest concern moms.Especially concerned about this question of those women who have a child on artificial feeding, mixed or fed expressed breast milk.

in different periods of the life of a baby's daily rate varies and increases milk at each feeding.In the early days of baby's life to understand how the baby should eat, you can based on the weight of the newborn.Usually guided by gram baby who scored for a month.But here it is necessary to take into account the fact that children on artificial feeding gain weight less than babies breastfeeding.After the first 10 days of life sufficient daily about 500 grams of milk, and one month of age - about 600 g Baby on the second month of life eats up to 800 ml of milk a day.Each new month you need to add 50 ml to the daily rate.

How should eat baby at a feeding?

As mentioned above: a child in the second month of a day eats about 800 ml of milk, so for once it should drink 80 ml.This provision is considered to be moderate, as per feeding child can eat 60 ml, and for another - 100.

addition of milk in infant nutrition should turn on the water, 50 or 100 ml, in the hottest time of the year should increase this number.

But mothers who breastfeed, it is not necessary to calculate how much your baby ate, the main thing - that your child was sick, getting enough milk during breastfeeding.

Signs that the baby eats completely:

  • weekly increase in weight is approximately 125 g (500 g per month);
  • if the baby enough milk, the baby urination per day 8-10, and more;
  • child defecate regularly (there is no constipation);
  • active kid develops according to age.
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