Treatment of cough in infants

Very often, infants exposed to numerous diseases.This is especially true for families with several children.Oldest child can pick up an infection in the kindergarten or school, and therefore infect younger.

The child appear runny nose, cough, may have a fever.

Treatment of cough in infants

itself is not a disease cough, cough - a symptom of an illness.The first step is to find out the cause of the disease, which is accompanied by a cough.If the disease in the lungs produce excess mucus, which the body gets rid of through coughing.The reason for the formation of mucus in the lungs can be infectious diseases or allergic diseases, or poor air quality.For example, if the room is very dusty or hot, it is not surprising that the child coughs.

If your child worries cough, you must first with the help of professionals to diagnose.

Infectious diseases are more common than allergic, and often are acute respiratory infection (ARI), which are accompanied by a runny nose, fever.If the cough is dry, and the

temperature and runny nose is not present, this situation requires a more thorough examination and consultation.

How to treat a cough in infants?

Do not give your child self cough medicines or expectorants.Expectorant drugs increase the amount of mucus, which is easy to cough up.We must remember that when you cough in a child and so an excessive amount of mucus, and giving him an expectorant medication, the child will cough up even more.The respiratory muscles of the child, especially breast, much weaker than an adult, so cough up phlegm child harder, in severe cases, the child may even start to choke.

What is the treatment of cough in infants choose ?

cough is not treated, the most important thing to do in this situation, Mommy, it alleviate the condition of the baby.To this must be done so that the sputum became liquid.Let the child breathe clean, damp, cool air and a lot of drinks.

When a baby is in the crib, often try to change its position, it is necessary to depart mucus better and to facilitate breathing.Try often carry the baby in her arms in a standing position.It is very effective in this situation is a special massage.But remember: if a child temperature - massage should not be done.

When treatment cough in infants , especially dry, the pediatrician may prescribe the following medications: Bronhikum (elixir or syrup), drops Sinekod (prescribers since 2 months.) Stoptusin (also with 2 months.)as well as the inhalation of saline.

not delay the treatment and follow the advice of your doctor, then you quickly get rid of your baby's cough.

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