Eating baby


Undoubtedly, the best food a baby - is its mother's milk.A to him no problems, useful to know a few facts.

1. Lactation depends on the work of two hormones: prolactin and oxytocin.Their development is attributable primarily to a genetic predisposition, and then to psycho-emotional state of the mother, her nutritional status, and so on.

2. The main factor that stimulates the production of milk - a mechanical stimulation of the nipple.That is what more and more the child will breastfeed, the more milk will be produced.That is why modern doctors are advised to feed the baby on demand and not by the hour (including at night!)

3. Feeding without pain and fractures is only possible if good attachment of the child to her breast.It must seize the nipple as deeply as possible, and his lips at the same time should be turned outwards.

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Artificial feeding

If for some reason, to establish breast feeding still failed to come to

the aid of industrial milk mixture.Standard diet of an infant in such a case would be 6-7 times per day after 3 or 3.5 hours.

mixtures are less adapted and adaptable - each group is intended for children of a certain age, for example, from birth to 12 months, or for older kids.Accordingly, the choice of the mixture to your child need to take into account his age, especially development (eg, premature birth), and even better - to consult with your pediatrician.

If a kid happy eating, gaining weight, have clear skin and a good chair, do not need to change the mix.During its preparation, always observe the manufacturer's instructions.

Mixed feeding

If the mother is breastfeeding, but milk is not enough, the baby finish feeding mixture each time after suckling or completely replace one or more feedings.This is an intermediate option, after which the mother or establishing lactation or completely switch to bottle-feeding.

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