Three benefits for parents

After three too late (2010)

book written by the founder of Sony Masaru Ibuka , was first published in Russia in 1991but began to enjoy wide popularity only after the recent reissue.The main idea of ​​the book lies in the use of early development.The idea is to fill the child's mind and knowledge to diversify his life is music, games, creative activities, and to the coveted three years of age the baby will be like a full vessel.

In this book, short chapters, accessible style and many specific ways, how to make a simple child's unique, harmonious personality with a rich inner world.The only drawback may be considered the author's belief is that after three to develop it is too late because at this age the child becomes a whole person.

Before your child will drive you crazy (2009)

Author benefits with encouraging for many grieving parents called - well-known New Zealand psychologist Nigel Latta . He has not only 16 years of experience with the problem,

rebellious, but just terrible, he said, the children, but also successful fatherhood, because Nigel two sons.

main thesis of his book: "Children need boundaries."The psychologist believes that parents' confidence in their behavior, hard borders through which the parents themselves should be able to survive, to help bring the child to obey.

communicate with the child.How?(2011)

Contemporary Russian psychologist Yulia Gippenreiter encourages parents to engage in dialogue with the child.This book - an excellent guide with specific advice on how best to behave in a given situation, what words to convey to the child the information you need, without hurting his self-esteem.The book is designed for parents of children who can engage in dialogue, but is based on the technique of active listening.

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