Reading to children

need to read fairy tales if not pregnancy, then the diapers - exactly.Of course, a child of that age do not understand the read, but it takes great intonation, rhythm reading, and experience the world through my mother's voice.Tell and read stories kids should be soft, calm voice, and the children from one year of age and older can read expressively, with a change of tone, to better convey the character of the characters.Most importantly - do not overdo it with the terrible voice of heroes, so as not to frighten the child, because it takes the characters through the parents' attitude towards them.Older children read fairy tales make more careful and plodding.

every age - his own tale

children from 0 to 2 years process of reading the book is better to start with Russian folk tales: they are short, easy to understand and based on simple everyday truths.We are talking about such tales as "The Mansion", "turnip", "Speckled Hen", "The Fox and the Crane" and others.A young child is better to buy cardbo

ard books that he could not break the page.

In 2-3 years children are more clearly understand the story read the story, it is important persofinikatsiya - the similarity of plot or character with himself or the realities of his life.At the same age starts to be perceived perfectly rhyme, a child may repeat the poems for mom, for example, poems Barto, Marshak, Blaginin, Mikhalkov and more contemporary authors.Illustration is also extremely important just after 2 years, so it is best to choose the edition of your favorite stories with large colorful pictures, more realistic or vice versa - to expand the boundaries of children's imagination.It is best to illustrate the present at every turn: it will help to keep the child's attention, until you read him a story.

After 3 years the child has developed imagination, he often fantasizes and he identifies himself with the characters favorite fairy tales: girls are most often like a princess, and the boys - brave superheroes.With this age you can start reading fairy tales more complex plot : tales of Hans Christian Andersen, A. S.Pushkina and others.However, do not overdo it with the choice of books - all children 5 years to really believe in miracles, and that the characters from fairy tales do exist.You go around the negative and scary moments in a fairy tale, without suffering these characters to life.


This term referred to psychotherapists treatment tale.It is used not only children, but also adults.During therapy, the physician and patient together come up with a story, where beat the problem, or are guided by existing stories.

in everyday life storytelling positive effect on the child's mental development: expanding horizons, increases vocabulary and develops imagination.The child, a child read and listen to fairy tales, is a better rapport with the world around him, growing social and emotional development of the baby.Read children stories - and let into their lives as long as possible will last a miracle!

not necessarily to stop at reading: let the child and he composes fairy tales.You can even make a small shadow theater or finger puppets and play especially udavshiesya history.

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