The crisis of three years of a child

At about three years of obedient paws baby turns into a permanent upryamyascheesya, tearfulness and virtually uncontrollable creature.Maybe with a child that something is wrong and you want to consult a doctor?Not at all, disobedience is an absolute rule - and this is the first thing that must realize parents of young rowdies.

When will the crisis

Usually, the first signs of a crisis appear after two years, and its peak is three years.

Psychologists distinguish seven main manifestations of the crisis three years.The following symptoms may occur together or selectively, one after another during the transitional period.

  • Self-will - the desire to do everything yourself.
  • Obstinacy - a protest against the usual mode of the day, nutrition, education standards.
  • negativism - the desire to do anything against the wishes of the adult.
  • stubbornness - the child insists on its own, even if the adult offers a much better alternative.
  • protest, rebellion - a state of permanent conflict with surrounding baby
    and habitual norms of behavior.Island slightest negative reaction to the suppression of their will, as expressed in the scandals and hysterics.
  • Depreciation adult - the child may offend, or even hit the adult.
  • despotism - the child gets home despot, trying to completely subjugate the will of adults.Jealousy in relation to other children in the family.

How to behave

manifestation of the child above signs of crisis shows the willingness of his mind to the formation of new personal qualities required - will, self-esteem, inner caution.That is why mitigate the symptoms of the crisis should be carefully and thoughtfully as possible, so as not to interfere with the formation of the necessary qualities .

should not prevent the manifestation of independence, if they do not pose a threat to life and health of the child.Always keep your baby in an effort to eat and dress yourself, explore items.Dangerous things, causing the child interest is best removed from sight, thereby protect themselves from the whims and scandals.

Barring anything, be persistent, do not go to make concessions after the scandals of the child.It is important that all members of the family held a line in education, and no one indulged hysteria.

not express their requests in the imperative mood, it is better to formulate them in the form of open-ended questions provide the child the opportunity to take the initiative.Instead of "go eat" ask "where we will eat?Which dishes? ... »

Instead of direct charges" have you done ... "," you are guilty ... "to express their dissatisfaction, I-Design:" I hurt ... "," I see a mess ... »

Please be patient and optimistic -with these qualities you will be able to help your child in the difficult and challenging times.

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