Early development of the Montessori system

Montessori system has been successfully applied in developing centers, kindergartens and even experimental schools.Suitable for training ordinary preschool and children with abnormalities of mental development.What is the secret of this technique?

Basic Principles

system eliminates any pressure on the child.Distinguished educator Maria Montessori argued that each child has their own, individual development program.The task of adults - to organize an environment for acquiring knowledge and suggest their method of attainment.Study Group is divided into subject areas and is equipped with a variety of necessary materials, a complete list of which takes more than a dozen pages.

For classes are used specially designed manuals, and real objects of everyday activities, natural material.Exercises are constructed in such a way that he saw the baby and correct their mistakes, without reproach and comments from adults.

Personal space

Every kid has a private workspace - table or mat.It helps students to f

eel important and significant adults.Familiar with the location of teaching materials in the group, the little man perceives space, aware that every thing has its place.

During the lessons the children themselves choose materials of interest to them, and if the same number of children interested in toy - perceive social interaction skills, learn to share, to give, to negotiate.It contributes to the development of social skills acquisition groups of different ages in which older students help younger.

practice life

Exercises aimed at creating a purely practical, everyday skills will teach the child to take care of yourself: care for clothing and footwear, cut and clean the vegetables, setting the table, the right to cross the road.During the class the teacher constantly reminds his students that they are big and can cope on their own with many things - these words inspire confidence.The learning environment is as close to real life.

Development sensory

With the help of specially designed simulators and natural materials, children develop auditory, visual, olfactory and taste sensations.Get acquainted with a variety of shapes, concepts of mass and temperature.

Mathematical development

prepared environment permeated with mathematics and contains materials for effective teaching basic numeracy.Required for admission to the school of mathematical knowledge baggage guys get unobtrusively - during the game, and the study of teaching materials.

Language development

In the area of ​​language development of the baby will enrich your vocabulary, learn the letters.Introducing the diploma comes with a movable alphabet, the study of "rough" letters, writing on the sand or semolina.

Cosmic education

The knowledge to be combined into a coherent system, forming the baby holistic view of the world.The area of ​​space education introduces children to the basics of geography, anatomy, history and biology.Acquainted with the general picture of the world, a small man becomes aware of itself it a particle, a small, but extremely important.

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