Wean the child from the bad words

Remember that child 1-3 years repeats everything he hears.If you do not use in his speech abusive words, then the baby will not repeat them.1-3 years old - the age when the child is just starting to learn it, learn about the world around them.Therefore, a child with great pleasure that repeats everything that adults do: pipsqueak copy the behavior of parents, grandparents and so on. E., Repeat all of the above.So if you suddenly hear the abusive phrases from it, first of all analyze carefully its own lexicon.

right Wise parents give a good example for your child, do not use the mat in the speech, read child stories, sing songs even before the moment when he speaks.

4-5 years try to distract the child from abuse.The book Korney Chukovsky "From two to five" well illustrates how quickly the children "absorb" everything like a sponge, they quickly and gladly fill up your vocabulary and fun to build sentences.They need help in this.If you do not eat in the speech of abuse, and the child says bad

words, it is possible that he was "picked up" from other children in the yard, in kindergarten, from a neighbor, and so on. D. You also need to explain to your child that these words are betternot telling.Play with him in the game "kind words".Reach for that all family members.Play with your child, read his books, learn by heart the verses of poets - so we develop literary crumbs.

in 6-9 years children are adequately perceive the situation and understand what words can be spoken aloud, and what can not.In time suppress curses.Encourage your child to: buy his new book for it, keep on children's performance, and so on. D.

In 11-16 years teenage mother because it supposedly "cool".Talk with your child, explain to him that what he said could be cured or maim.This was discussed even in Russia.You may be able to convince a teenager, although this is not easy.

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