Hardening baby

With the first month you need a child to take air baths and water treatments, he made daily massage.All of this helps to strengthen the immunity the baby therefore have less colds viruses will disrupt his health.It is important to comply with all the conditions for hardening.

Terms hardening

temperature in the baby's room should be:

  • up to a month - 23 With
  • from one month to three - 21 With
  • from three months to one year - 20 With

After a year of temperatureroom should not exceed 18 w.No matter when to start hardening - in summer or winter, it is important to observe the following points:

  • procedures should take place regularly, because if there is no system, there is no results.
  • It is important that the child was healthy during the events of hardening.

temperature regime

temperature regime is necessary to change the minimum to avoid sudden changes, or can unwittingly, cause infectious virus.

Try to keep the baby liked the class, do not force him to do something by force.If you b

uild procedure in the game, and a gentle manner, the child will be very interesting to carry out all right.Be attentive to the emotional state of the child.

After the first month of air treatments you can start wiping.Take a soft mitten, hard can damage delicate baby skin, and soak it in warm water (36So in the cold season and 32 Co in the warm season), wrung out, wipe the child handles on the shoulders and fingers from the toes to the groin.For addiction baby this procedure should be repeated for three days, and then add the rub breasts.Once again, three days later, you can start rubbing his tummy.Do this until you wipe the whole body of the child.

should remember that it is necessary gradually, every six days, to reduce the water temperature at 1 °, so that the child does not feel a strong difference, and not cold. If your child has a runny nose appeared or coughing after the procedure, get treatment and quenching to stop a while.Then resumes with the temperature a couple of degrees warmer than the one on which you are staying.Eventually, you have to bring the temperature should be 27 On.

Repeat this procedure every day for 8-9 months.Then you can try throwing the child.It should be noted that just starts pouring with warm water (36 Co) and also gradually reduced to 30-28 Co.

Making sure that the child is like, start contrast dousing.Approximately one and a half years of the baby can be transferred to the contrast dousing shower, while respecting all the rules of addiction.

If you follow all the rules, then your child will grow up healthy and seasoned.

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