Children's centers of early development

employment at the center of early development, in addition to its core training functions have another great advantage - they contribute to the socialization of the child (which is especially important for children not attending kindergarten), discipline, teach adults to listen and do their job.All these functions are achievable subject to important rule - matching techniques to age and interests of the young students.

When to start

Most of the centers of early development work for children from one and a half to seven years.Some offer courses for children from 6 months to a year, and even - a program of prenatal development and education.

What offers

Centers of early development of young students are divided into age groups, offering each of them a separate course.

Kids up to three years attend classes together with their mothers.The classes for the development of motor skills and sensory offers finger games , work with natural materials, special toys, exercise equipment and elementary desi

gners.On the creative activities children with mothers mold simple shapes from clay, perform simple application of prefabricated elements, paint finger paints.Activities for the development of speech acquaint children with the world, basic characteristics (size, shape, color), contribute to the formulation of speech sounds (performing speech therapy exercises).Music and dance lessons are built in the form of mobile games, contributing to a sense of rhythm, the development of speech and plastics.

Since the age of three, children are taught the basics of reading and writing and mathematics are introduced to a foreign language - such classes prepare children for school."Academic" classes alternate with creative and moving - fine art, singing, dancing, theater groups, martial arts or even horseback riding.

good development centers also offer classes with a speech therapist and a psychologist, free workshops for moms spend mornings theatrical representations and (for a fee) may take over the organization of the birth of your child.

What should alert

mismatch technique the child's age

leading activity of the child of preschool age - it's a game, so any training sessions should be carried out only in the form of a game.Occupation, which offer baby sitting at the table to study the tables and charts, are doomed to failure and could easily repel the interest to study in the future.But do not worry if you play the materials seem a bit complicated for a child - the majority of methods are based on the principle advance, fueled by the child's interest and encourage him to new challenges.

excessive demands discipline

Young children tend to be distracted and play pranks.Excessive attention to the discipline of teachers and blame the kid - an occasion to reflect the competence of the employees of the center.

Small workforce and scarce material resources

Every aspect of development (motor skills, creativity, music, choreography) should be taught individual teacher - a specialist.Toys, handouts and exercises are offered should not be repeated from class to class.

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