How to teach a child to the pot

First of all, is to prepare the child for a new moral subject in his life, so to start buy pot and put the child in a prominent place.Remember that, despite the fact that children are naturally curious, they are still afraid of everything new that comes into their lives without their knowledge.

Also, you can say that you are like no other, know and feel your child.But there are some nuances and certain characters, allowing to judge the readiness of the child to use the pot:

  • baby chair is permanent;
  • child is listening to you;
  • diaper dry after sleep and for every 2-3 hours;
  • child understands when he wants to use the toilet, and tells you about it;
  • he tries to imitate the adult autonomy in the toilet;
  • child can he take off his pants.

course, any achievement of children - it is a great joy to their parents.Begin the process of accustoming the child to the pot only when the signs of the above it is ready for such a step, or it can have a negative impact on his psyche.The average age for toilet tra

ining - 2.5-3 years, while boys are more difficult to learn to girls.

Ignore the complaints of relatives about the fact that you will sooner or, conversely, too late to teach a child to the pot.Remember, they do not know your child as well as you.Do not worry if the same age can already use the potty, and your child is still there - it's all individually!

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