Two children and a full time pressure?

Make a schedule

Write down all the things that you have to perform every day, so you will not forget anything.This advice is not just for mothers, but also for women who have no children.If you have a list, then you can take your time and use your time efficiently.Do not worry that you have not had time to wake up, and the day was painted by the minute.Many say that this system is very convenient because it gives a clear idea of ​​how to allocate time.You can relax while the kids are sleeping.Toddlers are not yet formed a routine of sleeping and waking?It should not be a hindrance to you.Adjust your plan depending on the situation.

Keep the "do-nothing" to minimize

Try to limit the time spent in stores.Before going to the supermarket, make a detailed shopping list, it will not wander chely hour between the rows of products, remembering what you need.Also, try to redo all the work at the time, while the older children at school or kindergarten.Most household chores easier and faster to do when y

ou have nothing distracting.

If you're holding a baby under a year old, and you just need to go to the store, for convenience, you can put it in a shopping cart.Thus move the supermarket will be much easier.Older children love to explore everything, so the store may be lost.Ask your child to pull a cart, then he will be fascinated by the process and will remain close to you.

You can also ask other family members to go shopping, such as a husband or mother.And if you are going to visit friends, ask them to drop into a store and buy what you need.There is nothing to be ashamed to ask for help.

Do not talk to strangers and passers

Learn to skip passers-by and their comments on deaf ears.Yes, it is impossible to ignore everything, but you must try.Beware of strangers casually throws his lines against you and your child.Sometimes people say not only, "Oh, what a lovely child!" And "Oh, what a shiftless mamashka ..." and so on.This often can be heard when the child starts to act up and shout, and the other at the time outrageously.In this situation, you and so hard, and now passers-by literally begin to pour oil on the fire, irritating you and upsets.We recommend that you stock up on not only patience, but also a couple of remarks and answers to beat off the desire to have more passers continue his monologue.

buy clothes prozapas

Children grow up very quickly, so you should stock up on clothes to several months in advance.But be sure to keep all the clothes carefully, so as not to get lost in all the sliders galore, body, raspashonok and overalls.If the difference in the age of the children is small, do not throw away things that are still in good condition - so you can save money on new clothes for the kids.

often during pregnancy expectant mothers buy things for the baby and take a lot of room for growth.When it comes time to use clothes, mothers often forget bought.So do not hide their purchases too far in the closet.Organize children's clothes, sort the items by months and seasons: from 0 to 3 months 3 to 6 months, and so on.When the eldest child will grow out of these clothes, you do not have to touch the whole pile of things - everything you need is already ready for him and for kids.

If you svechera cook clothes that needed for tomorrow morning it will save precious moments when you need yourself and put in order, and his wife to cook breakfast.

home fitness

course, when almost all of your time is occupied by children, have to give up exercise at the fitness club.But it is possible to arrange yourself and home fitness.Even regular walks with the kids - a good training for the muscles of the legs and buttocks.And if you manage to allocate 15-30 minutes a day for a variety of exercises for the abs, arms and chest, then you are guaranteed to feel better - and when the mood is good, things go faster.

Help from older children

should encourage older children when they show concern for the baby brother or sister.In addition, during a call use the pronoun "we", "our", for example: "Look at our baby!".Thus, the child will get used to the fact that in their family has a new, and most importantly - the native people!

But do not fold children everything worries.Though they are older, but remain with the children.Oldest child must understand that povlenie new member of the family does not mean that all should now swirl around him.We need to show your love and elder care and respect their right to their own class - remember this.

Many young moms mistakenly believe that during lactation can not be pregnant.This is certainly not - but because a new pregnancy is often a surprise.Keep the situation under control, consult with your physician watching on contraception.For example, nursing mothers should not take products containing estrogen - you know about that?Ask what other contraindications may arise.

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