Sleeping baby

Sleep for infant is essential.In the dream, the baby is growing and developing, and it is important that the dream was properly organized.

All the kids are sleeping in different ways: someone calm, someone on the contrary, but each child has a need - how much time is with his mother, in full physical and spiritual contact.In this case, the best assistant will be co-sleeping mother and child.This dream is beneficial to the formation of a balanced psyche baby.Children are very sensitive to the smell, and the smell of the mother's feeling, they feel insecure, allowing them to sleep more soundly.

But it so happens that baby does not sleep well. reasons for disturbed sleep can be different: associated with the temperament of the child and mental health nursing mothers, or related to minor changes in the environment, or some disease.

for a child is very important to follow the usual mode, all of the factors and processes that the child gets used to getting ready for bed.Quiet, calm, swimming before go

ing to bed, massage, feeding - the child gets used to everything and understands that there is a preparation for sleep.

reason for the child's poor sleep may not only external factors, but also the needs of nature.He can wake up after three or four hours to drink or eat, or change the position of the diaper.

Sleep Disorders infant may be due to his health: nasal congestion, intestinal problems, spasms, goiter, or any other disease.

One of the most common causes of violations sleeping infant rickets is when the body baby sharply reduced levels of vitamin D, and this may lead to metabolic disorders.The disease manifests itself very clearly have 2 - 4 months: at the time the child becomes more fearful and irritable, startled, increased sweating - all this leads to sleep disorders.

Causes sleep disturbances may be related to the child's malfunctioning of the central nervous system - neurological problems, which can be determined only neurologist.

In most cases, when a child sleeps poorly, medical intervention is not required.It is enough to normalize the usual daily routine baby.But if you notice that after a restless sleep a child should see a doctor.

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