How to bathe a baby

How not to upset the baby, hold it in your hands, and at the same time carry out hardening child - and all this at home?From the first months of life due to water procedures strengthens the immune system of your treasures, and the baby grow healthy and pliable.

First of all, decide what your child a bath will "train".When choosing a bath, note the color, let it be white, so it is easier to monitor the purity of water.Watch out for the warmth of the water, it is best to use a special thermometer, but you can feel the hand, if not hot tub.

To accustom useful procedures from infancy - is added to the broth vodichku chamomile, it will remove the redness on the skin and will prevent the emergence of new ones.It is not necessary to arrange the envy of dolphins swim right after the baby is tightly ate. Wash crumbs from the top down and better liquid soap .Make sure that the components of soap did not bring the baby to tears.

Before bath treat umbilical wound , but even then do not sit in the bat

h too long.Frequent and prolonged bathing, leave the older children.If your miracle is capricious and does not want to swim, I do not care to carry it to the bathroom, even if it's your daily routine.

Hardening child it is possible to start with the first months of life in the absence of contraindications: skin diseases, poor health or mood of infectious disease in the active phase, a period of acute encephalopathy, rapid growth of intracranial hypertension, heart disease or circulatory disorders.

In water, your baby has spent nine months of life, return it to its favorite habitat!Child all kind will show that he likes swimming, and if you are afraid to bathe the child with no experience alone - Call to share this activity moving newly made husband or grandmother.

Make sure that the room was not a draft, and the water temperature did not exceed 37 degrees, the procedure is carried out just before bedtime, hours 8 or 9 pm.Wait a working dad - and start.Starting from five minutes to four months already, you will be able to see how the baby is a joy in the bath three times longer allotted time!

And it is absolutely happy.

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