Diathesis in infants

diathesis in infants is not a disease, but it can lead to other health problems, and even the development of chronic diseases!

Therefore, if you see the glow from his child - it's time to sound the alarm.The kid will tell you that health is something wrong, colds, allergies, and even convulsions.To avoid this, from the earliest days of pregnancy eat well, even a pre-natal nutrition affects the health of the baby.But if you did everything right, and grudnichok still unwell, do not reproach yourself, doctors say diathesis may be inherited.Note also that the allergy occurs in varying degree in 60% of infants in the first two years old.

Hazards indicating a predisposition to child diathesis:

- duration (4-8 months) morning sickness during pregnancy;

- use allergic products: citrus, red caviar, honey;

- abuse of drugs and Badami;

- as a lack of vitamins during pregnancy and in the first days of life;

- poor environment.

But what do you do when all the difficulties diathesis in infants you just learn by example?Firstly, your pediatrician will prescribe a diet drug, taking into account individual characteristics of the child.Second, limit the consumption of sugar in artificial feeding, because of his stomach baby fermented. diathesis in infants , symptoms and causes of which we examined above, in any case should not be allowed to drift.After all, he could develop into a psoriasis, dermatitis or eczema.Elaborate on the measures that need to be taken at the first sign of this disease.

Well, if you feed your baby breast milk, it contains all the necessary baby vitamins, minerals, and that the milk does not replace any costly mixture.From 7-8 months in the diet can be gradually introduced yogurt and kefir, but be careful with carbohydrates, their consumption should be reduced.We saw in the baby's skin inflammation - excludes the recent products of food.Doctors suggest that the lead in the list of "dangerous" goodies bananas, eggs, strawberries, strawberry, chocolate, which may have recently varnished mother grudnichka.

But only one change in diet is not enough spots and redness on the skin grudnichka also need care.For damaged skin requires special baby baths, which also strengthen the immune system.Add a little warm water conventional wheat bran, and medicinal bath is ready!After bathing wipe all affected areas of milk or cream for baby's body containing zinc oxide.Bran can substitute broth chamomile or succession.Try to prevent the development of a diathesis, because his treatment - a difficult and lengthy process.

Remember that the redness on the body can cause not only diathesis, it may be a sign of dysbiosis .Be vigilant and immediately consult a doctor.

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