Sleep disorders in infants

sleep disorders in infants , which we will discuss now, depends on several factors: starvation, intestinal or stomach cramps, problems with the nervous system, lack of breast milk, congenital malformations and even mental disorders.So, the baby cries, and into my head unbidden thought ... Stop!We will understand all the reasons for the order.

evening the child should be fed to satiety - is a guarantee of absence sleep disorders in infants. Maybe today is not your child ate?Or, conversely, heavy meals overeaten, and now his colicky?Sick stomach prevents the baby - of course, he did not fall asleep.Maybe Mom was upset today, and in the house cursed?Pediatricians believe that in a relaxed atmosphere in a family child develops better and less sick, because a dream - it is a process of "loading" of the brain with the necessary information, the development of feeling and thinking.Try not to worry.The third cause of poor sleep - artificial nutrition, especially in the mixture a little prebiotics and rice fl
our.This means that the child is difficult digestion is not supported beneficial microflora may even constipation.This is not conducive to sound sleep.More walk in the fresh air and use the mixture with rice flour.Also helps the child to sleep well bath with soothing herbs and shampoos.But bathe the child must be carefully, lest he broke and even more excited.

proved that a day grudnichok sleeps about 18 hours to six months begins to sleep less - 14 hours, and after the execution of years old - reduces sleep up to 13 hours.But what to do if you have developed the power walk, and a problem such as sleep disturbance in infants , still familiar to you?Maybe it's physiological aspects.If used during pregnancy complications arise, it just might become the cause of such issues.The child may suffer after such increased nervous excitability and painful to respond to the sudden light, loud sounds, and even touch.

In this case, help can only physician who will prescribe safe medications, but what else - a constant presence beside my mother, motion sickness.Such are the rituals soothe the baby, and in the end he fell asleep.
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