Treatment of infant

In the first year of life, when the mother is breastfeeding, the chances of catching the virus are small, but nevertheless, there are times when the baby got sick, and the first signs of a cold anxiety loomed in front of you.The most unpleasant and terrible signal to parents may be coughing.Causes of cough can be very different - from the minor to the most serious:

  • dust in the respiratory tract;
  • regurgitation;
  • profuse salivation (for example, when climbing teeth);
  • serious infections (ARI, ARI, influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, whooping cough, etc.). Especially if it's a long cough with wheezing, accompanied by vomiting, is mixed with blood.

Treatment of cough in children under one year should be carried out strictly under the supervision of a physician.If children cough is accompanied by fever, it is necessary to call a doctor immediately.During the illness of a child often ventilate the room and do wet cleaning, especially if it turns out that the cough is allergic in nat

ure.Do not stop breastfeeding - it will help your child get stronger faster.Often change the position of the baby and carry him in her arms, gently patting on the back, to make it easier sputum departs.And, of course, give more drink - tea or warm water.

allergy in children - another disease that may occur in the first year of life.The cause of allergies may be early toxicosis mother, abuse potential allergens during pregnancy or breast-feeding, hereditary factors and unhealthy diet.Diathesis in children under one year - this is the first sign of allergy manifested red cheeks and local peeling of the skin. diathesis infant often develops due to violation of the diet nursing mothers, in particular its use of cow's milk.With the maturation of the child diathesis can get more severe forms of the allergy.

treatment of any form of allergy in children should be specialists.Also note that all the creams and drugs do not cure the root cause of allergies, but only removed her symptoms.First we need to get tested and to identify the food and contact allergens, then to stick to the diet in the nutrition of the child and avoid its contact with allergens.With the introduction of complementary foods, choose gippoalergennye dairy porridge, cook, fruit and vegetable purees independently, without added sugar or preservatives.

If the baby was found allergic to dust, the building must be carried out regularly cleaning.From the room where the child sleeps, remove all the dust storage in the form of soft toys and carpets, be sure to install the humidifier.

infant Treatment should be as gentle and careful.Amateur in this matter is unacceptable, so at the first sign of malaise at the baby, you must call the local doctor or emergency child care!

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