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kid growing up, it increases appetite and need a change in diet.During this period, many mothers are thinking about, what is the first time to introduce solid foods to children, and in what quantity, what to feed.

Many doctors recommend the first solid foods for baby introduced gradually when the child is 3-4 months, because in the first months of the baby should be enough of everything you need mother's milk.It also happens that the lure of a pediatrician appoint up to four months, while it takes into account the child's appetite, breastfed or bottle-fed baby, and especially his digestion.

Gradually infant nutrition entered cereal, a variety of vegetables and fruits, and the order does not matter, but more often in the first place give the porridge.

start to enter into the diet of a variety of cereals is one small spoon, gradually increasing the portions, but only if the child likes the food.Porridge is better to prepare a liquid, such as for density, milk - the baby will be a lot easier to swallo

w it.

Powder porridge beginning to prepare a particular month, they can be purchased at any drug store or specialty food stores.Over time, the child's diet, you can enter those cereals, which are included in the diet of your family, in this case it is best to start with the semolina, it has less fiber, and in 5 or 6 months, you can try oatmeal, rice and evenbarley porridge.These cereals at a younger age should not be given because they contain fiber in very large quantities, and it is known, can cause loose stools.Semolina, barley and oat cereals contain a lot of useful vitamins.Do not forget that the use of porridge once a day: in the morning or in the evening.

Do not worry if the baby refuses porridge, in any case, do not force it, as this can cause problems with appetite.You can offer the fruit, of course, if there is no allergy in the infant. All fruits except bananas, cook, and only after cooking them is through a sieve, add a little sugar to the baby did not feel the sour taste.Fruits, unlike cereals, can be given at any time, but preferably twice a day.Most often, children like fruit and mash them, so when the child once again will be good to open your mouth, you can try to mush if the baby rejects it.If your baby teeth appear, then aged 6 months fruits (apples and pears) can be given raw, pre-peeled.

It is only after the baby began to eat with gusto porridge and fruit, a couple of weeks can be administered in the diet vegetables.Do not forget that they must be boiled and mashed.

Another very important meal in the diet of a child - is meat, it is best to start giving a beef with mixed vegetables.

After 6 months of the infant nutrition can enter a variety of puddings, fish, eggs and food that you can eat with a spoon.

not necessary at the first feeding up to force the baby to eat.For him, it is difficult to get used to the spoon, and any new food gives him a lot of emotions.

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