How to choose a sling

Sling scarf

sling-scarf - the most popular in the world today, "King slings."It is a wide (fifty to eighty centimeters) and long (up to six meters or more) strip of fabric.


  • can carry the baby at birth (in a cradle position or vertical feet inward)
  • load is evenly distributed on the back, shoulders and lower back the mother, so the child's weight is almost not felt.An exception is the position in which the child is grown up on its side, so it is usually used when you need to carry a baby for a short distance and be able to quickly get it back and seat, for example, in the clinic or in the playground.
  • With it, you can wear not only on the child's stomach, but also on the back or side.

Minus, perhaps only one, and consists in the fact that before you actively start wearing your baby in a sling, her mother would have to work out correctly wound sling-scarf: read the instructions, watch a special video on the Internet, play with a doll,consult with an experienced friend or counselor.In

addition, the long ends of the scarf in bad weather can get dirty if you will put a child in a sling on the street.Sling scarf will suit you if you are planning with baby shopping , long walks in the park, go on nature, and so on.

How to choose a sling

Sling with rings

Sling with rings - a two-meter piece of cloth about seventy centimeters wide with two rings through which the ends of the sling are connected and tightened.Baby it can be worn in the "cradle", as well as on the abdomen, hip or back.

Pros :

  • Sling with rings smaller than sling-scarf, it is convenient to take with you, especially if the child is an adult and seeks to explore the world.It's easy to get the child and is also easy to put back when he again wants to handle.
  • If a child has fallen asleep in a sling with the rings, it is easy to shift to the "cradle" or on the bed, simply by loosening the ring while holding the baby.

How to choose a sling

Less sling with rings that the load is unevenly distributed, and long wearing baby on one shoulder mother certainly tired.It is therefore recommended to regularly change his shoulders or wear your baby in a sling for a short time.

Sling with the rings will suit you if you intend to use this device only at home, for example, in order to lull the child to sleep for a short time or hands-free.Grown children comfortable to wear in a sling to the site.Even if a child is two or three years of age and older, the sling with the rings may be useful to you in a long trip, because it will still be more convenient than carrying a heavy sleeping baby in her arms.


May-sling - a small rectangle of the dense fabric with long straps, sewn at the corners.The lower ends are tied around the waist, pushes back rectangular baby to her mother, and with the help of the upper straps design is fixed so that the load is distributed on both shoulders.

how to choose a sling

Pros :

  • uniform load distribution.
  • A wide range of fabrics and colors.
  • Ā«modernĀ» type of sling.

Cons May-sling - his long straps that could get dirty on the muddy ground, and not very convenient for the mother to "cradle" (eg, breast feed the baby in such a position is not obtained at all).May-sling for those who are confused by too "ethnic" appearance sling-scarf.

Sling Backpack

It is also called ergonomic backpack.It is for those parents who do not want to mess with the wound.In addition, many Pope willingly agree to wear a baby sling in that, while the rest of the species seem to them too feminine.

Typically, mothers who are actively using this device in everyday life, there are several types of slings for all occasions.

Not slings

addition to "correct slings", in stores a wide range of other devices to be worn on children themselves, at best - uncomfortable, at worst - dangerous for the health of the child.These include kangaroo (particularly undesirable for wearing newborns), sling bags and substandard sling rings in which a child can not correctly positioned due to abnormal tissue, broad ledges or small rings.

Before choosing a sling, try to learn more about them, read reviews and talk with experienced slingomamami to make the right choices (a good site

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