Menu infant

Do not rush immediately to be administered in a mixture of cereal meal, your child must first "make friends" with each ingredient of this mixture separately.Starting with buckwheat or rice porridge, gradually add menu infant semolina, Pshenko and oatmeal.In preparing milk porridge for children from the year yet cook on the water, and when grudnichok get used to such a mess, add a little milk.

Let us turn to the vegetables.Only the porridge bored anyone.So sometimes you can enter in the menu infant ¬ędish of the day" in the form of mashed potatoes or squash.In the absence of problems (enuresis, allergic reactions) mashed potatoes can be made thicker, and then start to cook beans, tomatoes, vegetable stew or soup from a mixture of vegetables.And only after that comes the turn of dairy products.In the first year of life in menu infant curd "says" when your babies performed 5.5 months.At first, carefully grind calcium-rich foods, diluting the milk, fruit puree or juice.When a child becomes a li

ttle more, then you can try a special children's yogurt or yogurt - but no more than a small cup a day.

By the way, now milk - cow or goat - is given only to children from one year and older!

Suppose your baby 7 months, and it has registered steady diet of soups, stews, cottage cheese and even meatballs with cutlets!Then, with the utmost care polzheltka try to add, because this product may cause allergies.Steam cutlets of rabbit meat, mutton, beef, poultry or pork.Fruits also deserve a separate discussion.Starting with pear and apple flavors range can be expanded arbitrarily, because the child does not like a rare fruit purees or juices.Juices have usually given after the child's body has adapted to the vegetables and fruit purees as fresh juices irritate the gastrointestinal tract of the infant.

After a year of mother's milk is not so important in the diet of the child, its share is significantly reduced, and soon you can begin to wean the baby from breastfeeding .

Do not forget that the menu has to be not only healthy, but also delicious!

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