What if the baby is crying in his sleep?

Even if After all done manipulation baby crying in a dream , the biggest reason - excitement for the day.Maybe the day you have been away or play the music - it can affect the fact that the baby would cry in your sleep.

What else influences?Colic, no mother around, teeth ache, a fever ... We consider each item in detail.What's the dream, if the mother is not around.A newborn sleeps in the presence of my mother, and now without waking her, it scares crumbs.You can either sleep with babies, or to wean him cry for three nights on the method of Dr. Spock.However, some doctors are against co-sleeping sweet mother and newborn - though breastfeeding and getting better, baby may not accept this ritual.And vposledstviibudet constantly require the presence of a number of mothers, which is impossible.As a result - again, screams and tears.

next reason sleep disorders in infants - stomach or intestinal colic.Help should be warm diaper on his stomach, massage, special drops, fennel tea.

Interfere with diaper rash, not the remaining time after the replaced diaper - in this case will help a competent skin care of the baby.But the problem is worse - the cutting teeth.Painless process rarely as short-lived.If your baby is crying dream , check for redness of the gums and hypersalivation, most likely, it irritates the baby.

However, the most common cause of crying in a dream to overload the nervous system grudnichka.Noisy games, unfamiliar surroundings, stress - all this background that the night your child will cry again in a dream.Place the cradle in a quiet comfortable place, turn the soft, soothing music.Soon the baby will calm down and will sleep with a smile on his lips.

But if the child is up to six months sometimes makes jerky movements during sleep, do not worry: in terms of pediatric neurology is a good thing.

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