10 qualities that should have the best mom

1. Super moms know how to say the word "no┬╗

Super Mom always willing to give up communicating with those friends, relatives and colleagues who try to use them for their own purposes, thereby depriving them of the strength andtime.Such mothers realize that the liberated because of the word "no" to the time they can spend on the important for themselves and their children things.

2. Super Mom recognize when they need help

experts noticed that super mom is easy to recognize when they need help, and do not feel the need to do everything itself, and at the highest level.They believe that to ask for help from a friend or mom is very simple!They never feel overwhelmed if turn to anyone for help.They themselves are well aware how important it is to provide assistance to their girlfriends or sisters who have children, so do not feel compelled, or even worse bad mothers.It is important to remember that anyone, even a super mom, sometimes you need to relax and do something exclusively for themselves.

3. Super Mom - it's all the same strict parents

Super-mom set fair, but strict rules prescribed age-appropriate responsibilities at home and believe their children accountable for their behavior.They know that help children become responsible adults - is the goal of education and friendship with children - nice time education.

4. Super moms tend to marry

Super Mom understand that the child is very important for a full and healthy family atmosphere in the house.Children who grow up in such a family, usually achieve greater success in life.Children need to see that their parents love each other.Super-mom cleverly establishing communication with potential husbands and easily acquaint them with their children .Marriage is a priority for them.

5. Super-mom friends are friends with their mothers their children

They understand that education - is a difficult task, and there is no need to reinvent the wheel.They understand that mothers who are older than their age, have extensive experience in the education of children, and they can learn important knowledge.Mom's age face the same challenges of raising children, and can work together to solve them.And more young mothers will be able to learn something new from their girlfriends.

6. Super moms trust their intuition

Super Mom know what is right for one child may be totally wrong for another child, and they use intuition as a means of finding the right solution.If necessary, a super mom to seek advice, but they also listen to the statements and the unique views of their children.

7. Super moms are able to understand

Super Mom knows that perfection - it's fantastic, and oversight - an opportunity for change and growth.They understand that their children will explore the boundaries of the possible behaviors, to learn about the possible consequences.In this situation, the most important thing is to establish a trusting and friendly relationship with their children.

8. Super moms are wise

Even if your baby is wrong to lay the table after you have many times showed her how to do it, or your oldest son failed a test, although the whole night before you and prepared forher manifest wisdom, do not scold their children.They do not always do some things well enough, but the fact that they are doing something, talking about what they are learning, and soon will learn everything they will need in life.So that - patience, super mom!

9. Super moms know how important delegation

Super Mom sure that no one will be able to do their job as well as themselves.However, they realize that allowing other people to try on their own role to fulfill their responsibilities - it's a good idea.Especially if they can trust the people who commit it all.

10. Super moms prefer spontaneity

Super Mom never miss an opportunity to break out of its rigorous work schedules, free early and arrange a fun evening with your kids.They use every opportunity to enjoy the fact that they - mother!

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