Children's Gymnastics for the eyes

cause of visual impairment in children

There are several reasons:

  • heredity (parents of the baby have different visual impairment);
  • frequent illness of a child;
  • eye injuries (both physical and visual);
  • long visual loading: abuse computer games and watching television unsupervised.

Prevention impairment

To protect your child from vision problems, try to perform the following recommendations.

  • Do not let your child watch TV up to 3 years.Ophthalmologists believe that the optimum safety of the child while watching TV 3-4 years - 15 minutes, 5-6 years - 30 minutes.Besides, it is very harmful to watch TV lying down.Therefore, even if the baby to bed, it is desirable to take a semi-sitting position.
  • most postpone the moment of dating the child with a computer, at least until the age of eight.Computer screen overstrains eye muscles, which ultimately leads to visual disturbances.
  • Another important factor affecting the vision - correct posture at the table.If a child constantly, as they say
    , "buries" the nose in a notebook or a book in the future vision problems almost inevitable.

Given the modern pace of life and its manufacturability, of course, quite difficult to completely comply with all the recommendations.It is therefore necessary to find additional ways to save children's vision.It is to such methods and apply children's gymnastics for the eyes.

eyes Gymnastics for children 3-4 years

  1. Warm-up: eyes move up and down, left and right, then squinting and count to ten.
  2. We play Pinocchio: looking at the tip of the nose and imagine how it increases and then decreases, following the process of sight.
  3. Building faces: turn into different animals, actively working eyes - looking in different directions, bulging eyes, soschurivaya them, making a circular motion.
  4. presenting figures: mentally draw a circle or a square and looks around their contours.
  5. Drawing the nose: the nose draw funny pictures, such as a favorite toy or funny little animals.

Transforming the process of training in the game you are interested in child and every time he would look forward to a fun "eye" exercises.

Gymnastics for the eyes of children of school age

Particularly noteworthy sight of kids who go to school, since the school years often develop myopia and other vision problems.This is facilitated by intense visual work at close range, poor lighting of the workplace, prolonged sitting at the TV, low physical activity and the general weakening of the body of the child.

To minimize the risk of the student's vision problems, it is useful to make a special children's gymnastics eye , reinforcing the eye muscles.

complex exercise

  1. often blinked a few times.Close your eyes and quietly count to 5. Repeat this exercise 4-5 times.
  2. tightly shut his eyes, count to 3. Then open your eyes and look into the distance, count to 5. Repeat this exercise 4-5 times.

  3. Extend your right arm forward.Slowly move the index finger of the left-right, up-down and follow his gaze.The head is held still.Repeat the exercise 4-5 times.

  4. Stretch your hand forward.Slightly bend it at the elbow.Look at your index finger, count to 4. Then, glancing away and count to 6. Repeat this exercise 4-5 times.

  5. done by the average rate of 3-4 circular motion through the eyes of the right, then the same - to the left.Relax the muscles of the eye, look away and count to 6. Repeat this exercise 1-2 times.

to feel the effect of this children's gymnastics for the eyes, it is necessary to carry out every day for a month.

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