How to teach your child to say the letter "P"?

articulation exercises

This warm-up for the language is usually performed by speech therapists, but also you can take anything on board.Usually, the children repeat the exercises with pleasure, besides such games they can take on the road .The main thing - do not overdo it, so that the child does not feel dirty trick and did not understand what you from it actually achieves.You can practice in the mirror, but you can - looking at each other (a lot of fun, by the way).Try to do anything tongue: protrude far, lick your lips , try to fold it into a tube and so on.

  • depicting Tongue swelling sail, burying the tip in front teeth and mouth wide open.
  • depicting the clatter of horses on the pavement with varying the rhythm, commenting: "horse runs faster", "horse tired" and so on. D.
  • Invent the tale of the tongue: "The tongue woke up, looked right, looked left, checked the teeth" andt. e.

Learning Child "P" with the teasing

very effective way teach the child the letter "p» - teaser when language goes back and forth with a distinctive sound, reminiscent of the battle cry Indian (usually moremouth stretched in different directions index fingers, but this is not required).Tease your enemies in this original way like heroes of American cartoons such as Tom and Jerry.


Who does not love to play war games?Everyone loves even the girls!At the very least, to run with the "automatic", portraying the fearsome "tra-ta-ta-ta-ta", "drrrrrr", "trrrrrrrr" and "trysch" will not give one.Hand guns, explain the rules - and enjoy how fast your kids learn a new sound.It turns out, teach the child the letter "p» not so difficult!

Favorite word

Surely your child have a favorite word with the letter "P" as part of tractor, fish, maybe procrastination?More often deduce the child to talk about the interests of its subject.Can periodically to pretend you do not understand what it was about, "You want me to buy you this tlaktol?But there is only tractors, go from here. "Just do not get carried away, because your goal - to teach the child the letter "p" and not make him negative emotions.

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