The first words: how to teach a child to talk

development of speech in children depends on many factors.Of course, it affects it and features of common development, and hereditary factors, living conditions and environment in the family, and even gender (boys typically begin to speak later).But the most important role played by parents.After all, kids have amazing property to repeat everything very quickly assimilate.So my mother enough to pay attention to your baby that soon he spoke.

How to teach your child to talk about?

certain algorithm of actions not, parents can give some useful and important recommendations.

  1. necessary to constantly talk to the kid.Anywhere, anytime, from birth.Yes, it is with the appearance of a small person in the world you have to deal with it.It is a snap.Just describe your actions, tell us about what is happening around.For example, going to the street, tell me what you put on it.Out and talk about what you see.The child will be happy to listen to all and remember.
  2. important to acquaint the child with
    sounds, because they are components of the basis of words and speech.So, seeing the beetle, you can tell their child that the beetle emits the sound "w-w-w '.Many events can be described as sound (traveling machine, pours water, cooked porridge, cat meow, dog barks and so on).
  3. can teach a child to talk , using his fingers.It's simple enough to conduct classes that promote the development of fine motor skills .The fact that the fine motor skills is responsible for the speech center of the brain, so it is important to pay special attention to it.You can, for example, give the child to play with cereals, coins or beads (of course, under the supervision of an adult).In addition, the useful lessons in modeling.You can also play games with sand and ask for help with household chores (cleaning the fruit, for example).
  4. articulation exercises.There are many exercises that enables you to prepare the baby to the pronunciation of sounds and words.For example, you can ask him to inflate an imaginary balloon.Be sure to ask the kid to smile, because it promotes the development of the muscles of the mouth.More can be taught child clicked his tongue, imitating horses hooves.
  5. can arrange performances at home and little skits.It is better to use toys and dolls made by their own hands or fantasy characters, example from clay or paper .
  6. How to teach your child to talk other ways?It should be as often as possible ask the child to utter any sound or word.And do not forget to enjoy the success of your child and praise it.
  7. You must see to it that the baby to communicate more with other children (both with peers and with older kids who already know how to speak).
  8. All you need to pronounce words clearly do not distort or change them.Otherwise, the child will remember the wrong option and will pronounce the word that way.
  9. If a child begins to speak and pronounce some words correctly, then you should gently but firmly correct him, saying the word out loud and clear in the correct version.

only remains to add that the ability to speak is given to people by nature, but kids need to develop it by their parents.So be patient and start to act.

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