The best fairy tales for children

So, best fairy tales for children :

  • « Tales Pushkin» - a collection of tales, including "The Tale of the Dead Princess and Seven Knights", "The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish", "The Tale of Tsar Saltan "and other famous works of classic.

  • «Tales and Images», B. Suteev. good story book author began generations, because they read more our grandmothers.And Vladimir Suteeva figures best illustrate the read, causing great interest of the child.

  • «I grow», A. Barto .Who among us does not know at least a line of works by Agnes Barto - "bear dropped to the floor," or "Our Tanya crying out loud?"The rhythm of poems fascinates kids and memorization and repetition helps develop diction children .In addition, the child just like Sony Karamelkinoy illustration, because they are emotional and alive.

  • «The Wizard of Oz», Volkov - travel Ellie and her friends to the wise Goodwin, filled with amazing adventures.Heroes have overcome many obstacles, and above all - they won their own shortcomings
    and helped Dorothy get home.

  • «All of the hedgehog and the bear cub», Kozlov .Which became known only recently, tales of this writer conquer comfort, harmony and always successful completion.The child may initially see the wonderful characters in cartoons and love them, and then learn about them in the book.

  • Book Julia Donaldson, "I want to mother" and "The Snail and the Whale» drawings A. Scheffler instructive and informative.They have an unusual format and pictures in full leaf.The same authors published a book "The Gruffalo" and "daughter Gruffalo" - a strange creature, a monster of some!But horror stories involve children, especially in the final story is that the important thing is not how the characters look.And the fact that their kindness, care and love triumphs over evil.

  • «Alice in Wonderland», L. Carroll - mysterious story full of philosophical meaning.This book has long been loved by not only children but also adults.

  • «Who is the most intelligent», E. Karganova .Heroes stories - Donkey, Squirrel, Mouse, Bear and others - fall into different stories everyday and always come to the aid of each other.
Read your kids best tales !
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