Pregnancy and Alcohol

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future generations care at all times.No wonder even in ancient Russia at the wedding of the young were given only drink kvass, and it is clear what purpose this was done.Thus protects future offspring Suite.But the problem is particularly acute in our days.The culture of drinking poor, even when it comes to pregnant women.

In recent years there has been a lot of research on the subject of the negative impact of alcohol on the fetus.Numerous clinical observations suggest that even occasional use of alcohol-containing drinks in small amounts during pregnancy can lead to violations of children's health.It can be congenital malformations of the heart, kidneys, reproductive organs, skin and its derivatives, muscles, bones and joints, retarded mental and psychological development.Cases and birth defects, and defects can occur at once.Alcohol not only passes through the placental barrier, but also affects the placenta itself, violates the power of the fetus and worsens the conditions of its de


Furthermore, alcohol affects not only the child, but also worsens the condition of the pregnant mother may occur heartburn and severe nausea.

proved that if a pregnant woman to drink alcohol, the mother's blood carries the body of her unborn child a biological poison.This applies to all types of alcohol, including light wines and beers consumed, even occasionally, and in small doses.Particularly the dangers of alcohol in the early stages of pregnancy, when laid all the major organs and systems.

also has negative impact not only the regular abuse of alcohol (in simple terms - drunkenness), but even a single case of strong alcoholic intoxication.And this must be remembered.

Alternative views

However, there are also alternative studies that prove not only no harm, but even benefit from the use of alcohol in a reasonable amount.We investigated more than 12 thousand pregnant women.Moms were asked to answer whether they drank during pregnancy, how much, and what was the behavior of their children in the first years of life.As a result, the study found that mothers who ate small amounts of alcohol during pregnancy, in fact, had children with fewer cognitive problems than mothers who did not drink at all.Moreover, who can guarantee that the cause of health problems for the baby in the fact that a young mother, being in the position, allowed herself a glass of champagne at New Year's Eve?There are a huge number of other negative factors affecting the fetus.Take the same environmental contamination with toxic impurities and radiation from cellular, microwave ovens and computers.Everything is relative.And about the relaxing effect of wine is known to all.Sometimes even doctors prescribe red wine at stress during pregnancy .In reasonable doses, of course.

Thus, expert opinions are divided.They converge in only one - uncontrolled drunkenness inevitably leads to negative consequences.The dispute is a question of a rare use of alcohol in small quantities.That dose is crucial.

What will people say ?!

Often a pregnant woman with a glass of wine in the hands of people react disapprovingly, sometimes even aggressive.It is also wrong.It's one thing when the sight of a picture of where figures clearly inadequate behavior of the girl with the belly, in one hand is a bottle of beer and a cigarette in the other.It's quite another thing when the intelligent girl with a round tummy, for obvious reasons in the pleasant company allows himself a little weakness.Not such a terrible sin, and nobody has the right to judge others, especially to impose their point of view.Everyone makes his choice.

What approach is considered the best?Some women decide for themselves to forget about alcohol, in principle, so to say "better safe than sorry."Others consider the law a desire pregnant, and now and then allow yourself a glass of.The main thing is probably around often know when to stop and listen to your body.Not to neighbors, friends, television or the Internet, namely, their own feelings.Loving yourself and your unborn baby.

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