When and to whom to tell about the pregnancy?

So, the time to share the news comes only when you are ready.


First of all it is desirable to talk with the future father of the child, no matter what relationship you are a member.It will be frustrating if such important information he heard from other people's mouths.

If your relationship is quite uncertain, the situation changes dramatically.But sooner or later you have to tell.Not ready for family life, the young man will perceive the news with a heavy heart.I do not expect that it will be extremely happy.Now he will decide whether to marry or not, and how to provide for his family?

In the case of lawful husband all much easier.At least, it will not disappear completely from your life.Please tell her husband about her pregnancy with the bat it is not necessary.You can all beat so that he began to speculate and hesitated.To tell him about his feelings, he implied.Suppose a man starts to think out.So it is more or less to prepare for any eventuality, and perceive the news as a matter

of course.


reaction of your parents is directly dependent on their relationship to the son in law.If future grandparents happy with the choice daughters, the news will be for them joyful.Besides pregnancy certainly change the relationship with your husband's parents in a better way.

If the parents do not like your partner, there may be differences.It should not objecting to hear their claims.After all, no one obliges you to follow their instructions.And the grandson they will still love.

With her husband's parents - is another story.Often mother-in-law comes to pregnancy with excessive liability begins instructing her to teach life.Some of the tips really come in handy, but you no one bothers to have his way.

When the talk and grandparents of pregnancy - you decide with her husband.Probably best not to delay with this: as you begin a large-scale training of the relatives to the emergence of a new family member.

If you have a strained relationship with his parents, it is the sisters, brothers, aunts, godmothers to help defuse the situation: they become the best mediators between conflicting parties.In addition, from whom you will get so much attention and care?


There is a sign that a woman should not talk about his interesting position within three months, when the risk of miscarriage is particularly high.For various reasons, some expectant mothers adhere to this kind of ritual.But many can not withstand the emotional stress and tell friends about this wonderful event.

friends say or not - you decide.One has only to remember that women can not keep secrets, and if he knows one, knows another.Your pregnancy will immediately become the main topic of conversation, you will be the object of special attention and care.And it is very, very touching.


From work colleagues this news should be hidden as long as possible, otherwise you'll have to listen to many conversations about someone's birth, problems of deprivation.

Often pregnant women to dislike and sidestep.She was trying not to give important tasks and often treated as a patient.On the other hand, pregnant women may be late, sleeping during meetings and go home early.

exception is the immediate superior, which should be made aware.So you do not have to invent every time a good reason enough to "escape" to the antenatal clinic.


It is not necessary to wave the flag, and shall declare his position to everyone you meet.However, if you become ill in the transport or in the store, no sane person would not refuse help.

An emergency

If pregnancy is unwanted, and you do not want to see someone, even a child's father, found out about it, save the news of her secret.Let know about it is just you and the doctor.

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