How to prepare for the role of the mother?

can prepare for the birth, to learn proper breathing, learn to feel your body.But prepare yourself for a responsible role than just mothers - the role of the mother?After all, for the full development of the child is not enough to feed, hygiene and dress nicely.To bring up a full-fledged personality, you need to invest a lot more.And this is what women are thinking, wearing a child's heart: and whether they will be good mothers, they can give your child as he grows a man with what character goes through life like?

child - it's not just a nice little fellow, what can be seen in the colorful magazines.Not a toy, which is fun to play.The child - like a blank sheet of paper on which draw parents.What qualities are laid in childhood, with the qualities of a person and enter adulthood.Therefore, while still in position, the woman should be aware of their role as a parent.It often happens that many young mothers are not ready to take responsibility for a new life psychologically, as they are not yet "ripe" to

motherhood.But nowhere to go.The kid is already there, and he, like any other child needs mothering.Moreover, the nature - a great help in this difficult case, it lays maternal instincts and ability to every woman to be able to hear these important tips.

usually a woman chooses her mother's parental tactics.The image of his own mother - ideal for any woman.And even if a woman wants to behave differently in relation to the child, on a subconscious level, it copies the actions of the mother.And abandoned youth in the phrase "I'll never do this to my child, my mother!" Easily forgotten.

Everyone wants a "perfect" child.That he was the most handsome, intelligent, successful, inquisitive.And most importantly - implemented the parent unfulfilled dreams.Parents are often, as in the future of their child gets on the podium to the sounds of the anthem as fans gather stadiums, as does the complex operations, or speeding on BMW's latest model after the next meeting of the Board of Directors of the business of "Gazprom".That's just the children are all different, with different abilities and talents.Trying to paint a child's life on his own script, often do not take into account the question - will it bring happiness to himself?The basic principle of education is the adoption of a child without any conditions.Accept and love a child as he is, to love not for the fact that he is handsome, intelligent, well behaved, and so on, and just like that, without any conditions, simply because it is!Unfortunately, one can often hear the mom or dad say to your child: "If you're going to indulge, I'm not going to love!" Or: "Do you now doing well led, I love you for it!" With these words the child from an early agetold that it is taken with certain conditions that love him "only if ...".All psychologists are unanimous in their opinion: the best baby "Perelyub" than "nedolyubili."

No one wants the child to repeat his mistakes.If a child my mother had a very wayward girl, to which the matter had problems at school and on the street, she hardly wants to face these challenges in the education of their own child.But this is very difficult to avoid.This does not mean that the baby will necessarily repeat the behavior mom or dad.The fact that so it is to predict whether or not - is impossible.The main thing is to establish a trusting, intimate relationship with your child, then you will always know if the baby are worried, since deviations in behavior - it is always a challenge, which is scratch does not arise.

to become a doctor or a lawyer, an accountant or a teacher, you have a long time to learn.To become a parent, you just need to have a baby.But experience shows that to raise children also need to learn.Being a parent - the greatest responsibility.And try on this responsible role needed before birth.A universal system of education, of course, does not exist.We can not blindly follow the advice that had been somewhere heard or read.Mother's heart will always tell you what's best for her little treasures.

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