Fitness during pregnancy

Prohibited exercise

When choosing classes is important to consider the changes occurring in the body.Certain types of activity should be postponed until such time when the body recover after childbirth.These include jumping, running, swings, twisting, deep squats and slopes.Accordingly, it is necessary to give up sports such as horse riding, tennis, basketball, as well as many others.Do not set itself the task to achieve the highest possible results, practice for ourselves, to have fun and energy.

optimal choice

There are some kinds of activity, which should be preferred.These include:

  • yoga for pregnant women;
  • water aerobics and swimming for pregnant women;
  • aerobics for pregnant women.

All these activities must take place under the supervision of an experienced coach who will tell you how to do it right.If you do not have the opportunity to attend a fitness club, but not far from your house there is a park with nice paths, as many go there on foot.Even half an hour a day at a leisurely

pace with breaks to help you stay in good shape, reduce back pain or even prevent their occurrence.Returning home, lie down on a flat surface and relax as long as necessary.

Yoga for pregnant

do yoga under the supervision of an experienced teacher can be the first to the last days of pregnancy.You will learn how to breathe and relax, which will help you during labor, and to strengthen the back muscles.If you do not have the opportunity to attend a special class, warn the coach about his situation, so he can adjust your individual training program.

Water aerobics and swimming for pregnant

With training in the water you can strengthen all the muscles, relieve stress and fatigue.In addition, swimming during pregnancy helps to stay in shape and not gain extra kilos.There are special exercises in the water, helping to take your child the correct position in the uterus.

Aerobics for pregnant

such lessons you can find even in the antenatal clinic in the community.They give you energy and help you prepare for childbirth.


Carrying out exercises, keep the following guidelines:

  • Keep the joints.In the third trimester, the joints become more flexible.Stretching exercises should not be too intense, and even more hurt.Otherwise, it may result in injury.
  • reduces the intensity. The main thing now - not good results, and health benefits.It is not necessary to increase the load, pay more attention to the stress relief and relaxation.
  • Follow pulse.It should not exceed 140 beats per minute.
  • Avoid dehydration.To do this, be sure to take it with you to the gym water bottle.Drink little and often.
  • Watch for body temperature.Avoid excessive heat, as it may adversely affect the baby.
  • Breathe correctly.Avoid prolonged breath-holding, it is not good for the child.
  • practice regularly.It is better to pay a daily 15-minute workout, what to do twice a week for an hour.
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