For those who value their time: how quickly ferment cabbage

Often housewives rush in search of a recipe when sauerkraut need just a couple of hours.But the real sauerkraut prepared with the participation of lactic acid bacteria and fermentation process takes 2 days to a week."Quick sauerkraut" in a few hours - a pickled cabbage.To distinguish it simple: see if the vinegar in the recipe?If yes, then we are talking about pickling.

He who knows, how quickly ferment cabbage , will never suffer from a deficiency of vitamin C. The good sauerkraut can be prepared only from mature cabbages "late" varieties.In the days of our grandmothers made sour cabbage barrels at once for the whole winter.Maybe that's why in the minds of modern humans sauerkraut - this culinary saga week.In fact, a small amount of ferment cabbage can be as little as 2 days.

In each family its own idea, how quickly ferment cabbage .But, in general, all similar recipes.Select white and dense head - green cabbage pickled with the bitter.

How to make sour cabbage

1 kg of cabbage take:

  • 1 tbsp.l.coarse salt with a slide;
  • 1 large carrot.

Chop cabbage long strips, removing the stalk.Carrots grate or grater for Korean carrot.In a large bowl, combine the cabbage, carrots, salt.The taste you can add 1 ch. L.dill seeds or cumin.

Someone leavens cabbage under the oppression, and someone in a 3-liter cans.If you want as much as possible quickly ferment cabbage , place it in a warm place, such as near a central heating radiator.

in the bank.Firmly tamp cabbage in a jar.Large cabbage typically weighs about 3 kg, and well placed in a 3-liter jar.Bank shall not be filled under the throat, or eye-catching juice overflows.Close the jar cloth or a plastic lid with holes and leave at room temperature.

After a few hours of cabbage should stand out enough juice to it was all in a liquid.If it does not, add a jar of boiled water.1 -2 times a day cabbage pierce a wooden stick to the bottom to form a sour gas at the exit to the surface.

Under the yoke. Place the cabbage in a pan.Top cover with an inverted bowl or lid on the pot smaller.On top put a yoke, for example, a jar of water.Leave the pan with cabbage at room temperature.

After 2 days, when there will be a distinctive smell of sauerkraut, you can try that out.If cabbage is not enough leaven, will have to wait another day.If cabbage is ready, move it to the refrigerator.For the convenience of the cabbage from the pan can be shifted into the jar.

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