Salt cabbage noodles - recipes to choose from

salted cabbage noodles: Recipe number 1

cabbage for this recipe turns out juicy and crisp, and there can be the next day - is not it a miracle?

To prepare fast salted cabbage, take a medium-sized forks, remove it from the top leaves - they are sluggish, thin, nesochnye.Still, we need 2 bell peppers - Beauty advise you to take colorful - red and yellow.Also prepare 2 medium carrots, garlic (a few cloves) and 1 fresh hot green pepper.

For the marinade, we need the sugar and salt, sweet pepper, lemon juice and vinegar.

Pour water into the pan (about 2-2.5 liters) and set it on fire.As the water begins to boil, let us vegetables.

cabbage cut in half, remove the stalks and cut into large squares below.Garlic cut slices, bell peppers cut 6 longitudinal sections.Carrots are clean and cut into rings not thick (0.5 mm thickness will be at the time), such as rings and chop the chilli.

meantime we have to boil water - in it we put spices, Article 5.l.salt, 2.5 st.l.sugar, half cup of lemon juice and 5% vi

negar.Boil the marinade for about 5 minutes.

While cooked marinade, put in a tub or pot sliced ​​vegetables layers.Fill the marinade so that it covered the cabbage lightly, and set on top of the load.For this purpose, perfect saucer suitable diameter, which can be put on top of the jar with barley or put something heavy (one head of cabbage, for example).

capacity cabbage should not be filled up to the top - cabbage juice will start to give, and if it is too much, all the juice runs out of capacity.Reserve capacity cabbage at room temperature overnight.In the morning, remove the load and display the cabbage to the banks - that is, in fact, everything.Stand up half a day in the refrigerator - and salted cabbage noodles ready.

salted cabbage noodles: Recipe number 2

This salted cabbage noodles and prepares instantly and eaten in an instant.2 days after you have already salting can regale guests delicious crispy homemade sauerkraut.

Take 1 head of cabbage, 1 carrot.Shinkuem carrots and cut into rings, cabbage cut large squares.All this is mixed in a volume pan, with a little cabbage davim hands, it will give juice and prosolitsya soon.Then add to the pan with the cabbage leaves 8-10 and 10-12 Goroshkov lavrushki black pepper.Again, stir and leave.

now preparing brine for fast salted cabbage.

We take 1.5 liters of water, bring to a boil, pour in the water 1 tbsp.vegetable oil and 1 tbsp.9% table vinegar, add 4 tbsp.l.salt and Article 9.l.sugar and then bring to a boil.Pour hot brine cabbage, cover with a lid and leave for a couple of days in the room.After 2-3 days decompose the cabbage to the banks and remove them for storage in the refrigerator.Once the jars have cooled, you can already savor salted cabbage noodles.

By the way, the fastest recipes provide for salted cabbage directly into banks. Try it and you.

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