Harvesting traditional snacks: how to pickle cabbage

said that the best pickles in a barrel obtained.In some parts of Russia it was made before salting cabbage handle barrel garlic (and the procedure was repeated three times rubbing drums) fumigate and herbs.There is a wonderful way to disinfect kadushek using juniper.At the bottom of the washed barrels stacked branches of juniper and pour boiling water over them.Barrel covered with a warm blanket, that couples do not go out and impregnated with the scent of juniper tub.Then in a barrel placed hot stones.

Yes, disinfected containers salting - an important stage of preparation for salting, because the quality of disinfection depends on the safety of sprouts.Agree, salting procedure cabbage barrel mesmerizing.But how to pickle cabbage in a barrel if you do not allow their living conditions?

In urban settings salted cabbage more comfortable in a glass container, rather than in large tubs, take up much space.It should be remembered that for the disinfection of cans is also important.Do not neglec

t sterilization cans, or cabbage can turn sour or become moldy.

How to pickle cabbage?

So, you do not have drums, but I want to prepare cabbage in winter ?Do not worry, cabbage perfectly saline and banks, if you try to carry out the procedure properly and salting.Councils, how to pickle cabbage , at the moment there are so many.You can prepare salted cabbage in the following recipe.

Ingredients for:

  • cabbage;
  • carrots;
  • cumin seeds and fennel;
  • black pepper and allspice;
  • bay leaf;
  • non-iodized salt;
  • water;
  • honey.

method for preparing

Before cooking the vegetables must be washed and cleaned.Shred cabbage and carrots, finely chopped.After shredding the cabbage it is recommended to mash your hands, so she gave the juice.Mix shredded cabbage with chopped carrot and put the mixture into a 3-liter jar.This mixture should be spread vegetable, tamping it firmly.When laying cabbage sprinkle it in layers seasonings (cumin, pepper, dill, bay leaf), but do not salt.

Pour on top of 2 tablespoons.l.salt and cover with water.As for the salt, its amount, you can adjust to your taste, just remember that the cabbage should be sufficiently salty (it tastes seem to be salty), otherwise it will not be long stored and sour.Place the jar on a tray or plate to the brine during fermentation without spilling.

Top cabbage need to pin down the yoke.As oppression can use small weights or rocks.Do not forget to handle the pressure of boiling water to disinfect it.As a rule, covered with a wooden circle cabbage or plaque, and placed on top of the yoke.

two days cabbage should be prepared at room temperature.Pierces her sharp wooden stick to vent gases formed during fermentation.In two days it will be necessary to drain the brine, add the honey (2 tbsp. L.), And then pour the cabbage.Then the banks will need to move to a cool place for 2 hours.When salted cabbage is ready, it can be served as a side dish to meat dishes or in salads.

Now you know, how to pickle cabbage. Bon appetit!

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