How to pickle cabbage to the banks, if you do not have drums

Crispy salted cabbage - a great appetizer to any table.How to pickle cabbage banks ?Nothing complicated about it.

What ingredients are needed?

  • 1 cabbage;
  • 1 carrot;
  • 1 tbsp.l.(from top) salt;
  • 1 tbsp.l.sugar;
  • jar 3 liter.
Cabbage need to take a fresh, pretty strong, not frozen.And the amount of salt may vary depending on your taste preferences.But if it is too little or a lot, you can not taste please.Therefore, we have indicated the optimal amount.

How to pickle cabbage in banks: step by step instructions

This recipe is not very complicated, but still some effort and knowledge will require the preparation of meals.So, it's time to learn, how to pickle cabbage in banks. offer you a detailed step by step instructions.
1. First cabbage should be cleaned from the blackened leaves and chop.This can be done by any method.If desired, cut the cabbage into cubes, but then it is less fit in a jar.
2. Now you need to put the sliced ​​cabbage in some larg
e container and mix it with salt.
3. Then carefully note your hands cabbage.It should become slightly transparent and highlight the juice.On the palate, it should be salty.If necessary, you can add salt.
4. Carrots need to peel and grate, followed it with sugar, add the cabbage.Thoroughly mix all.
5. Now, cabbage and carrots can be placed in a jar.All this while you fill banks need a good ram to accommodate more active and started to stand out juice.Then the bank can cover pre-setting the yoke (that cabbage was crisp and not soft)
6. In fact, in the near future, it is all action.Cabbage will wander about 3 days at room temperature.Periodically need to shift the cabbage on the bottom, as under the influence of fermentation it will seek the top.In addition, 2 times a day (morning and evening) should pierce the whole cabbage knife, getting to the bottom.It is necessary that the gases produced during fermentation.It will also stand out the juice.It will need to be drained as overflow the banks.
7. By the end of the third day of the juice will sour and stringy.Done.

Useful tips

How to pickle cabbage in banks with minimal effort and cost?We give some useful tips.
1. As salting cabbage juice will be released, which may pour out on the table.To no stain, it is better to put the cabbage in a jar with some large and deep dish.Juice pour not worth it.
2. As the fermentation is necessary to drain the excess fluid into a jar.After completion of this juice, and one that will be in the plate (which you place under the Bank) can be poured back (when part of the cabbage will be eaten and area).
3. If you want to get a result, and both salty and sharp little spicy cabbage, you can add some spices, such as pepper.You can also grate and add the horseradish and carrots.This will give some flavor snack.
4. It can be not only delicious, but also beautiful salted cabbage in the winter .To do this, along with the usual white cabbage red cabbage can be used.That will have an unusual white-burgundy dish.By the way, in this situation the carrots from the recipe can be removed if desired.
Now you know, how to pickle cabbage in banks, and realized that it's not as difficult as it might seem.You just need a little patience, and our step by step instructions.
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