How to make sour cabbage: what is good and what is bad?

How to make sour cabbage: 10 simple tips

Sauerkraut - one of the most valuable products on the winter table.When fermented in product retains most of the vitamins and minerals, so that the sauerkraut is not only tasty but also very useful.

But not all housewives and do not always get a tasty cabbage.That bitter, it is soft, the brine became unpleasantly slimy, and even mold was got ... How to make sour cabbage, that the risk was minimal such trouble?

1. The main thing to choose the right sort of cabbage.For pickling suit only late and of medium grade "Glory," "Moscow late", "Judge 146", "Brunswick 423," "The Gift", "Belarus 455", "Tyurkiz", "Meador F1», «The winter 1474""Krasnodarskaya 1", and the like.Winter varieties differ almost white color and slightly flattened shape of head.Better to buy cabbage for pickling after the first frost, that is, in October and the first half of November.Poor Kvas cabbage, in which too many nitrates.

2. It is better to use a large salt can sea.

3. For fermentation to be used glass , wooden or enameled container.Plastic is not very suitable.

4. The best temperature for fermentation - from 16 to 20 ° C;for the storage of finished sauerkraut - from 0 to 5 ° C.Pickling at high temperature is faster, but the cabbage will turn soft and acidic, and sometimes even spoiled.At low temperatures, sauerkraut dark, tight turns and poorly kept.

5. To cabbage turned crispy and not bitter, throughout the period of fermentation is necessary several times a day to pierce it with a wooden stick to the gases.

6. Pickling should be done without the access of oxygen to the cabbage, so shredded cabbage should be completely covered with brine.Typically, a burden.

7. Salt is added at the rate of 2% by weight of heads, or 1.7% of the mass of cleaned and chopped cabbage.Number carrots can vary over a wide range from 3 to 25% by weight of the cabbage.

8. Cabbage should be laid in the container, previously well frayed it with salt and carrot to highlight as much juice.Each layer should be a good ram.

9. Willingness cabbage determined on her mind: it acquires a beautiful pale yellow color, characteristic smell.On the surface of the foam disappears brine.

10. Depending on the air temperature, pickling may occur 3 to 10 days, but in any case no more than 2 weeks.After the end of fermentation product need to shift into a storage container and put into a dark cool place (cellar or refrigerator).

11. The additives can be used whole or cut apples winter varieties, grated fresh ginger, fennel and cumin seed, black pepper, grated horseradish, beets, raisins.At the bottom of the fermentation tanks are sometimes put mustard powder, rye crackers.

12. Some housewives are added at pickling some sugar.This is justified, since the quality of fermentation depends on the amount of sugar in the cabbage leaves.If pickling going sluggish, add sugar can rectify the situation.

Bouquet superstitions

There are a lot of people's beliefs and superstitions connected with the process of harvesting food for the winter.It is believed, for example, that make sour cabbage is necessary only on the growing moon.Some housewives are convinced that it is necessary to make sour cabbage only odd, "female" numbers or days of the week.Others with the same confidence objected: "No, just the opposite: cabbage delicious turn, only if its booze on even" male "days!".

Most women avoid doing any blanks in the "critical" days: it is believed that nothing good would not come out.Cabbage can not be: it will be soft, tasteless and quickly deteriorate.

Some believe that the pickling is not suitable for iodized salt, especially small, and that the right to make sour cabbage is possible only with the use of a large gray non-iodized salt.

In fact, the quality of the finished product depends on proper selection of varieties of cabbage, good quality cabbages, compliance technology.The hostess, to learn to make sour cabbage correctly, get an excellent product, even if the will sauerkraut during menstruation, in the waning moon, not paying attention to the parity of the days of the week and by using iodized salt in small cap it all.So do not complicate your life beyond what is necessary: ​​and so it is not easy.

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