Recipes khachapuri: the test of time

form khachapuri can be quite different: round, oval, triangular, and even a boat.Also, this cheesecake can be either closed (filled in), and open (like the Italian pizza).So, khachapuri is good for the fact that it can be prepared in very different ways: on a baking pan and .Thus, each time a new recipe khachapuri, you get a new dish.

Classic khachapuri

As mentioned above, a huge variety of recipes khachapuri.Yet indigenous Georgians claim that the following recipe for khachapuri as close to the original.

So, for cooking khachapuri on the classic recipe we need:

  • 250 ml of milk;
  • 1/2 liters of yoghurt (you can safely replace other dairy products: yogurt, whey);
  • 3 eggs;
  • 150 grams of butter;
  • 150 g of sunflower oil;
  • 1 kg of cheese (ideally Imeritinskaya, but is also suitable suluguni, mozzarella cheese or plain);
  • 1 kg of flour;
  • 10 g dry yeast;
  • salt, sugar;
  • 1 egg yolk;
  • cream.

1. Pour milk into a bow

l, warmed to 38-40 ° C, add 1 ch. L.sugar, yeast, 1 hr. l.sunflower oil, on top of a little flour and leave in a warm place.In the maturation of the yeast it takes about 15-20 minutes.

2. While yeast are suitable, melt 100 g butter at the plate, and then a little cool.

3. Coming up in milk yeast mix with yogurt and one egg.The resulting mixture was added to the sieved flour.Flour take not all, but somewhere 2/3 of the indicated dose as it is necessary to monitor the process to ensure that the dough does not become too steep and so add flour as kneading.At the beginning of kneading dough we salt on the eye, a little knead, and then incessantly interfere with the cooled oil is added in portions, and then even the flour if necessary.Mesim long enough to make the dough get a smooth and elastic.

4. The dough is rolled into a ball, sprinkle with flour and put them in a warm place to rise for about 2.5-3 hours.When the dough will increase in volume for the first time (about an hour), we knead it again and leave for a while.

5. risen dough divide into 10-12 pieces and rolls, each piece in the bun.

6. Now, prepare the stuffing for our khachapuri.Cheese shred by grating, add 2 eggs and 50 grams of softened butter.All mix and divide the stuffing on the side, as well as the dough, that is 10-12 parts.

7. It is the turn to mold our khachapuri.Take a bun dough pressed into a ball of stuffing, zaschipyvaem to the center, we turn down the seam and hand forming cake.Gently with a rolling pin roll out the cake to the desired size.

8. Mix the egg yolk with the cream and lubricates cakes.Khachapuri We spread on a baking sheet, prick with a fork in several places and put in the oven, preheated to a temperature of 180 ° C.Bake for 20 minutes.

9. Ready khachapuri cover with a towel and give a rest for 10 minutes.

10. khachapuri ready to be served both hot and cold.

recipe for khachapuri in Adjara

Ajarian khachapuri - are open khachapuri in the form of boats.This recipe for khachapuri is one of the most famous and beloved.

First, prepare the dough.500 g flour proseem on a table or in a large bowl, add the sachet dry yeast (which are instruction immediately added to the flour) and sugar (1 hr. L.), And salt (1/2 h. P.).Then add to the dry ingredients a little beaten egg and a glass of warm milk.Well knead until smooth.Grease the pan with sunflower oil or other container, put back the dough, cover with a towel and leave for a while.

hour later Mnemonic dough and leave for half an hour still to raise.The finished dough again Punch, divided into 6 parts.Each piece of dough presses hands to get a flat tortilla.For each pancake put grated cheese on a grater or suluguni Adygei, leaving the edges free.Then wrap the edges so as to obtain a boat.Mid khachapuri remains open.Lubricate the edge with beaten egg.We shift khachapuri on a baking sheet and send in a preheated 200 ° C oven.Bake until golden brown.Baking time - about 30 minutes.

take out khachapuri from the oven and break into the center of each egg.Again put in the oven and keep, cook until the eggs (yolk hardness is determined individually).On hot khachapuri ready put a piece of butter and immediately serve.

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