Crispy pickled cabbage: a recipe

To begin suggest you use a very simple recipe for crunchy pickled cabbage .You will understand how it is easy and delicious.

Take a strong head (or 2, 3 or more) of cabbage and remove it from the upper leaves dirty.I cleaned my head and shinkuem.You can more finely shredded cabbage, and you can more or less large pieces even quarters .Then, three carrots, not very much, about 1/3 of the weight of cabbage.Then cut the slices garlic (the amount is determined on the eyes, someone he loves).All the ingredients are mixed and tried without kneading her hands, otherwise it will not turn crispy cabbage.You may want to add to the cabbage spices to taste, such as black pepper and bay leaf.

Now for marinade.To do this in a pan, pour 1 liter of water, it is dissolved in 3 tablespoons.l.salt, put on fire and wait for boiling.In the boiling brine, pour 3 tablespoons.l.vegetable oil (refined necessarily), 1 tbsp.Vinegar (5%) and in the end add 2 tbsp.l.honey.Immediately remove from heat and pour the hot brine cabb

age.On top of the cabbage put our oppression.Now cabbage must remain in the room for about 12 hours.

When cabbage is ready, shift it to the banks.Keep pickled cabbage in a cool place.

Pickled cabbage with peppers: recipe

for pickled cabbage with pepper we need:

  • 3 kg of cabbage;
  • 2-3 carrots;
  • 3 bell peppers;
  • 1 large head of garlic;
  • 1/2 pod of chili;
  • 4 bay leaves;
  • 7 peas allspice;
  • 10 g coriander seeds;
  • 40 grams of salt;
  • 100 g of sugar;
  • 1/2 Art.vinegar (9%).

all ingredients thoroughly cleanse my running water.Shinkuem cabbage, carrots cut into thin strips, or three on a coarse grater.Garlic is passed through a special press, bell peppers and cut into strips, hot chili pepper finely chop.Then we mix all ingredients in a large enamel bowl, add the spices and pour the hot marinade.

marinade prepared as follows: in 1 liter of water pour prescription put the amount of salt and sugar, put water on the fire and bring to a boil.Then remove the marinade from heat and add the vinegar.Top put oppression and leave our cabbage marinate for 1 day.We shift cooked recipe for pickled cabbage banks.Eat can be immediately and store in the cold.

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