The hysteria of the child: how to comfort?

For a start it is worth noting that the hysteria - the absolute norm for children 3-5 years.

kids, especially in the age of three, still do not know how to restrain their emotions .Any hysterical - the result of the most banal of things, for example, if you do not give what you need.Plus, in this age of the child to show independence and their own "I".And then it becomes more hysterical and confrontation and manipulation tool.

How to keep fit?

reward for good behavior

It happens that in some situations, adults themselves may become irritable, not to mention the children.For example, long trip by car .

If you are planning an event of this kind, it is necessary to discuss in advance with your child his best behavior.Offered a reward for obedience, for example, watch a cartoon once.When a child begins to act up, remind him of your persuasion.It instantly cools his ardor.

good mood

Sometimes the cause of hysteria can become banal thirst or hunger.To prevent a

tantrum, occasionally offer him a drink.In addition, always keep in my bag some fruit (such as apple), or cookies, that at any moment a child could eat.

change of scenery

If you see that your child is about to begin in hysterics, then immediately take him away to another place.If it is a shop, then print it out.Psychologists believe that a quick change of scenery affects children as a sedative.

How to soothe the baby?

Distract baby

Children are able to very quickly switch their attention.If you see that the baby after a few moments begin hysteria, then quickly distract him with something interesting.Experienced moms know, how to calm the baby , and specifically for such purposes have in my bag a lot of toys and trifles.If you do not have toys, try to distract the child to something else (for example, point to the bird on the street or "to see what makes pussy").

Ignore the tantrum

kids - very intelligent creatures.Once they see that you respond to their irritation tantrum or try to reassure them that giving is what they need, they immediately begin to manipulate you.In addition, in a fit of hysterics child is not able to hear your entreaties and explanations.Do not react to manifestations of hysteria, and the child will soon understand that this method does not work to get his.Once your toddler to let off steam, you can start a conversation with him.

Be calm

When a child falls into hysterics, any mother she could get out of control and yell at the kid.In no case do not do it.In whatever became the controlling their emotions.Otherwise, the child has the impression that the one who shouts louder and stronger one.

And still think that people passing by?In fact, every parent can "boast" tantrums of their children.In addition, many people react to the child's tantrum is based on the behavior of the parents.If you looks absolutely quiet, they decide that you have everything under control, and you're wonderful parents!

In no case do not let your emotions overwhelm you.Be calm and friendly to her baby, and soon he will follow your example.

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