Time Management for Young and successful mom

basis time management for moms up simple rules, each of which contributes a little order in the daily routine.Begin to apply them is gradually to the rules that you really fit, getting these habits that are not so easy to give up.

mode, and once again mode

Perhaps the basic rule time management for moms can be formulated as a child (and, hence, a mother) mustbe mode.It can periodically run off for many reasons (the need to visit a doctor, climbing teeth, my mother's personal files), but to strive for its observance should always be.Basic rules of treatment for children:

  • Lifting and laying on the night's sleep is always one and the same time;
  • clear sequence of actions.

addition to walking with a child, cleaning and cooking dinner, drop-in mode your personal free time - even half an hour a day, but they need you to be.

If two or more children , we must strive to ensure that their regimes to the maximum match.It is worth to suffer a week, preventing sleep young

er or older rising before dawn.Then you say to yourself, "Thank you."

Practical advice time of Management, for moms:

  • Do not make general cleaning once a week is better, pay this lesson 1:00 every day.
  • breastfeed, it will save you at least 40 minutes of time on a daily basis.
  • Iron the only what you need and just before exit (bed linen and children's sliders enough washed at high temperature).
  • you can save time on cooking food .Spend 2-3 hours a day harvesting meatballs, stuffed cabbage, and other semi-finished home, ask your husband to help.During the week you will put the right amount of food in the oven, and dinner is ready in half an hour.
  • Learn to enjoy the daily affairs, choosing what you like (not necessarily always walk with

plan for the day and the kidnappers time

sure to plan for theday, make to the case, by dividing them into several groups: "sure to perform", "highly desirable" and "I did it, and proud of myself." This is great motivation to do more and do not waste time, sitting at the computer (a computer Takeno more than half an hour a day, or ask someone else to control you - for example, a husband can take your laptop at work). kid on the playground, bring a sling or stroller and go to the museum).

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