Crafts from the leaves with your hands

Autumn crafts for kids diverse and easy to manufacture, so the creative process will entice even the smallest.The basic rule for children - exercise maximum imagination, and for parents - fully support the young artists creating handicrafts from the leaves with your hands .

Application "Autumn Tree»

You will need:

  • sheet of paper;
  • dry leaves;
  • PVA glue;
  • brown pen;
  • clay.

Crafts from the leaves with your hands


1. Fold the paper in half and draw a felt-tip pen outline tree.

2. Ask your toddler to make the crown of dry autumn leaves, sticking them with white glue.Crohn's can be formulated as a whole of the small leaves and large fragments of leaves (tear-off technique).

3. The tree trunk can be colored brown felt-tip pen or make plasticine.

Autumn leaves, broken-off hammer

Encourage your child to make the original crafts from the leaves.His hands baby will be able to create stamp on plant tissue.

You will need: Crafts from the leaves with your hands

  • light cotton fabric;
  • plastic bag;
  • small kitchen hammer.


1. Place the fabric on a flat, hard surface and make it to the composition of the leaves and flowers.

2. Cover with polyethylene fabric.

3. Lightly beat off the composition of polyethylene hammer to fall plant juice and let them painted cloth.

4. Fabric with the imprint of autumn leaves and flowers can be used to create tissues and to design postcards.

Lotto leaves

Autumn - the time of herbaria .This is not only an exciting experience, but also an opportunity to introduce your baby to the plant world.An interesting alternative to the usual herbarium can be a lottery of the leaves, in the creation of which the kid will take a direct part.In a developmental game children will play with a double pleasure.

Crafts from the leaves with your hands

You will need:

  • sheets of A4 cardboard - 6 pieces;
  • dry leaves of various trees and shrubs, dried flowers and herbs;
  • fruit trees and bushes (optional);
  • scissors;
  • pencil.


1. Prepare the sheets of cardboard A4 raschertiv them into 6 equal squares.

2. 3 will be lined with sheet panels for bingo, which will lay out the baby card.1st panels will be devoted to trees, 2nd - shrubs, 3rd - grass and flowers.Glue panels to each section corresponding natural material.

3. The remaining 3 sheets of cardboard cut into sections that are to receive 18 units.- It will be bingo cards.

4. On each of the cards stick one leaf, a blade of grass or the flower of each plant.Developing game-hack from the leaves with your hands ready.

5. At the request in a separate box collect dried fruit trees and shrubs.Alternatively, they can draw on separate cards, but use natural material child will be much more interesting.

Playing bingo, baby should spread the cards with leaves and flowers, and fruits with the relevant sections of plants and correctly identify them.

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