Lovely and cute crafts from fruit and vegetables

How to Make Vegetable crafts ?Creative imagination and use of this available in the kitchen vegetables, fruits, spices, and collected in the forest and park leaves and flowers.

Bond crafts items can be matches or toothpicks.The latter, incidentally, the most convenient, because they have sharp edges, which is very convenient to pierce fruit or vegetable pulp.

Create children's crafts, vegetables - is not only a very pleasant and exciting experience, but also extremely "tasty", because the creation and then will be happy to eat.

Lambs cauliflower

such cute sheep can be easily drawn from the inflorescence of cauliflower.

Lovely and cute crafts from fruit and vegetables To do this you will need:

  • some cauliflower inflorescences of different sizes on the legs;
  • blackberry for the peephole;
  • toothpicks;
  • a small sharp knife.


1. From the smallest florets cabbage make lamb's head.Using a knife, carefully cut wrapped horns.

2. Sdelayt eye holes, then skewered on a toothpick currants and fix his

eyes on the head of a lamb.

3. Take a large inflorescence cabbage and a bit cut off his leg to lamb could stand.With a knife, cut the hoof.

4. Using toothpicks to connect the head of a lamb with his body.

Lovely and cute crafts from fruit and vegetables the same way you can do, and sheep, only the head is made from mushrooms.

To do this, Stipe make small incisions and insert tabs (for the ears can take peeled pumpkin seeds) and eyes (eye for perfect black pepper or black seeds).

Banana dog

Crafts from fruit and vegetables may be the most unexpected.For example, the dog is made of two bananas.It will be a wonderful decoration of the table in the children's holiday.

Lovely and cute crafts from fruit and vegetables

for its implementation will need:

  • 2 bananas;
  • small sharp knife (incidentally, there are special blades for cutting patterns on fruit and vegetables);
  • toothpicks;
  • blackberry for the peephole.


1. One banana cut 1/3, while leaving plenty of skin for ears.

2. Excess peel cut in the shape of a triangle - the ears are ready.

3. On the curved side of a banana with a knife cut from the rind of a dog paw.

4. On top of the banana toothpick, attach the dog's head.The dog is ready!

autumn bouquet

Very beautiful are obtained from fruits and autumn of Delco.Add to them harvested in the summer of herbarium , and you have a real autumn bouquet.

Lovely and cute crafts from fruit and vegetables


1. Take a large eggplant ( or zucchini , or pumpkin). knife cut off the bottoms so that you can put a blank vase.

2. Remove the pulp.

3. Outside eggplant garnish with a variety of patterns - they can also be cut with a knife.

4. Insert the resulting vase dried flowers and bunches of berries.

Crafts from fruit and vegetables can begin to do with the children from an early age, gradually complicating them and adding various elements, for creativity - this is an important stimulus for the development of the child.

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