Crafts of cones for children

Cones - one of the best natural materials for children's creativity.Creating cute trinkets and souvenirs, baby trains fine motor skills of hands, and develops their imagination.Help him to do his first creative work.This will help our stuff - guide of crafts from cones for children.

most simple and easy crafts from cones since you can create a 3-year old kid.

Try, for example, to do with your baby that's such a cute hedgehog from cones.

good-natured hedgehog

Crafts of cones for children

To make it, you will need:

  • is to deploy a small pine cone;
  • little black beads;
  • clay soft pink and black.

1. Take a little light pink clay and molded his muzzle hedgehog - smooth ball roll, and then pull out one piece (it will spout), and the second, on the contrary, flatten.

2. Attach the snout to the tip cone.Slightly push the edge of the clay with your fingers so that it is better entrenched in the cone.

3. Make the hedgehog and attach the ears on either s

ide of the snout.

4. From the black roll a small ball of clay and attach to the tip of the nose, a little glue on the edges to not fall off the spout.

5. Bead do hedgehog eyes.

6. With a special knife (stack), which included plasticine hedgehog smile and cut holes in the ears.

7. Make hedgehog four legs of clay, blind small balls and flattened them.Attach them to "belly."Cut stack claws on their feet.

8. Hedgehog can be done thorns sticking into the holes reveal cones pine needles.The good-natured hedgehog ready!

If desired, this can be done, and the hedgehog made of polymer clay.

From 4-5 years child is able to produce more complex crafts from cones .Cones diy can be held together with the help of plasticine, and they cling to each other scales, especially if the lump has managed to open up.

sly fox

Crafts of cones for children

You will need:

  • 3 the opened pine cones of different sizes;
  • clay orange, black and white.

1. From the smallest pinecone do chanterelle head.To do this, from the orange clay Fashion a fox muzzle.Glue the black nose and black and white eyes.

2. From the biggest bumps make the torso.Roll of orange clay fox legs and attach two cones in the middle and the other two at the bottom.

3. Using plasticine glue the fox's head to the body.

4. From the middle buds do the fox's tail, and glue it to the body of clay.Vulpecula is ready!

Children 5 years old may try to create crafts from cones with their hands , adding other natural materials (acorns, dry twigs, etc.).In this age of staple items crafts can already glue.

Funny musicians

Crafts of cones for children

need for such crafts:

  • pine cones;
  • acorns with caps;
  • clay;
  • stationery glue;
  • thin dry twigs.

1. At the top, remove the cone scales.

2. From acorns make the musicians head, gluing their noses and eyes of plasticine.

3. Glue the head to the trunk-cone adhesive.

4. From sprigs make the musicians hands, sticking sticks in the voids between the cones scales.

5. If desired, you can put your hands musicians' music books ", drawing on a small square pieces of colored cardboard sheet.

In crafts from cones can thread the ribbon or thick thread and then this toy can be hung, for example, on a Christmas tree.

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