Fun crafts chestnut

muzzles - crafts chestnut

Start with the basics.Let's make a few simple mordashek chestnut.Involve the occupation of their children, friends, acquaintances, and you are fine and have fun!For the manufacture of the crafts we need:

  • chestnut nuts;
  • plasticine of different colors;
  • matches or toothpicks.

Fun crafts chestnut Let's get started!Sit down at a large table, and let each of you take one nut to crack in their hands.This will be the foundation for our mordashek.Pofantaziruet what could be your nut: happy or sad, smiling, or maybe-eyed.Think of each chestnut its "unique role", and then handle the clay, and create!Lepite balls for eye and nose, smiles stripes, ears and hair.

of matches to make the handle for our heroes and attach them to the sides of chestnuts using clay balls.You can try to dazzle with their hands glasses or large mustache for our crafts chestnut. Settle little family fun at the men frequented in your home.Believe me, it is a long time will cause a sincere smile from all m

embers of your family!

caterpillar chestnut with his hands

Another variation of the use of this natural material to manufacture cheerful caterpillar.Crafts also requires us to specific knowledge and skills to do it under the force of any mother, and if you will be helping your child - success is guaranteed.So, we need:

  • chestnut fruits of different sizes;
  • colorful plasticine;
  • matches or toothpicks;
  • colored markers or paint brush.

Fun crafts chestnut First, choose 6-7 for the manufacture of nuts chestnut trunk caterpillar.Its length can vary depending on your desires.The fruits of the chestnut - links of the caterpillars.Roll up from clay balls of different colors and use them to connect nuts, giving the resulting strip form a semicircle.Remember that on the one hand (where will muzzle) should go larger nuts, and those that are smaller, you can use toward the end, each time adding to the body of the caterpillar nut smaller.

now blindly plasticine "face" for our ward - small eyes, nose, and mouth-smile.All this is to first attach (to the largest) nuts.Do not forget to also make the horns - for this on our head chestnut crafts fix two small clay ball.Broken from toothpicks or matches small pieces (no longer than 1 cm) and paste them into the newly secured balls.On the tips of horns also attach small roundels of plasticine.Crafts ready!

souped caterpillar can be settled on an autumn leaf or a beautiful napkin.Your child can decorate each link crafts chestnut with his hands , using the colored markers or paint.

Chestnuts - autumn is not the only material suitable for handicrafts.Roses of maple leaves or flowers leaves corn cob can also help to have fun and decorate the house.

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