Baby leaf appliques

Kids application: the main recommendations

1. For craft more suitable small or medium-sized leaves.As well as all sorts of berries (for example, mountain ash), dried flowers, seeds and herbs and spices, which are available for every housewife in the kitchen (pepper, allspice and cloves).To highlight the details of application and its background, you can use pencils, markers and paints.

2. Before placing applique leaves, prepare materials for crafts.Gathered in the woods or park leaves must be thoroughly dry.Simply progladte their warm iron, pre-paving on both sides of the paper.Then remove the top layer of paper and let the leaves dry out completely.

However, this method of preparation leaves no good if you make application with a small child.Yet such a fragile material like dry leaves more suitable older children.Toddlers leaves will literally fall apart in your hands.In this case, better to do applique of unseasoned leaves, and then to dry the finished composition.

3. Before you glue the leaves on the board or sheet of paper, make it delicate pencil sketch of future applications.So the child is better to imagine the future composition and careful application will paste the details to paper.

4. With regard to the adhesive, then your regular stationery that you want to put on a piece of very thin layer of adhesive or liquid dripping in several places leaves.

5. Start to do the simplest applications can already with eighteen-month baby, gradually complicating the plot.

How to make applications from leaves

1. Schedule pencil location of future applications.

2. Take the prepared leaves.They need to take with caution.Teach your kid to do it with tweezers or a finger dipped in water.

3. Now you need to glue the leaves to the cardboard.If the leaves are not too dry, the adhesive is applied directly to them, and if they are dried, the surface should be covered with adhesive cardboard.

4. Once the application is fully ready, cover it with a cloth and place on a day under load (for example, under a pile of books).

Baby leaf appliques

Applications of leaves: the idea


For the little ones fit just stories of dry leaves .Ask your kid to build all of the leaflets, which he saw during a walk, for example, trees.Help him to stick to the album pages and cardboard small leaves (birch or aspen) and branches and the trunk, draw paints or markers.

children 3-4 years

Babe older can complicate the task - to think, to what or whom he is like a leaf.You can not just make any animal or bird, but also to create a story, for example, a bird sitting on a branch or a cute hedgehog mushrooms on the back.


with preschoolers can be application leaves several trees (aspen, birch, maple, rowan).This may be a simple composition of a figure, and more complicated, consisting of several pieces.From multi-colored leaves can be made beautiful card and a bookmark, or something else useful.

Create your kid a beautiful applique - one then you can do the whole art gallery.

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