Be the best mom - keep a diary!

ability to look at themselves from the outside avoids many of the pitfalls.If you maintain a personal diary , which will praise himself for his achievements, analyze conflicts with her husband and children, and just burn bright moments of your life, believe me, you will be easier to look at life.

Learn to love yourself

no secret children require from us a lot of time, effort, care and love.Often nurturing others may exhaust a woman to such an extent that it begins to forget, feminine and beautiful it can be.If you stop to take care of yourself, then your life will be filled with annoyance on ourselves and on all of your family members.You take on a daily basis a bunch of responsibilities and difficulties, so the voltage becomes every day more and more.Your thoughts are constantly busy: sausage, shoes, kitchen chairs - everything has to be under your control.

One way to relieve tension just a personal diary mother .Writing down the important ideas and different situations, you develop yo

ur creativity, relax and give yourself a chance in the future to find a quick way out of difficult situations.Also write down all their little joys and successes - it will help you realize that your life is perfect.

If you belong to this diary from the perspective of a solid calendar daily diary, travel journal or a simple school notebook - you are absolutely wrong. Diary mother should be your friend and a therapist all rolled into one.Sometimes it is difficult to open even a piece of paper, but after a while you really feel relieved that record all your thoughts and feelings.

There are those who insist that the recording is best done on a daily basis, you need to discipline yourself, but if you force will make records every day, it's become a habit, which only allow you to describe the events, but not yourfeeling.For others, this approach becomes a "one more thing that needs to be done" after feeding the cat or washing.But to understand yourself, you need a completely different way to treat this case.Remember that your personal diary - is a tool that you use to achieve your personal goals, and it should help you in this, and not to interfere.

structure and design your magazine can influence directly on you, so it is important to give it some attention.We can recommend to choose clean notebook or albums in which there are no lines (either vertical or horizontal), there should not be unnecessary numbers and dates, and it must be small enough that you can always take it with you.However, if you decide to combine the diary with sketches or photographs, it is wise to use a material that will keep these moments for a long time.For example, acid-free paper and ink quality can help you with this.

Perhaps it is for you the ideal environment for the diary - it's your computer.And again, even it has a value if it best meets your needs, it means that for you it is the best option.If it is more convenient for you to take notes in a notebook, do not limit yourself in this always wear it with you, along with a pen.Did you use the handle of several colors, and for you it will be more convenient.If you want to paint your diary, crayons, do not deny yourself this.

Thus, with the means of recording we have understood, we can now begin, but how?

"& gt; Here are some ideas:

Describe the room where you are. Give all that you have done on their own in this room, describe the items that are most important to you.It can be anything, such as a panda, which stands in the corner and collect dust, but for you it is important, because it won your grandfather for you at the fair, a year before his death.

• Self : describe yourself, start with their physical features, do not forget about the details. You can compare yourself now to the person to whom you were a year ago, a month ago, yesterday. What do you see in yourself what has changed, that is in you a sense of admiration, or vice versa? What do you expect to see what you do to achieve your goals?

Describe in detail your normal day. Try to look into his description.Do not simply describe the events, and describe how you will react to all events on this day as it unfolds, the title is all the little details and what feelings do you call these parts.

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