Swimming pool for children: the use and precautions

Use pools for children

It is difficult to underestimate the benefit children's pools in modern society.Our children are experiencing tremendous stress on the spine and musculoskeletal system from an early age.But if you start walking with a child in the pool as early as possible (this can be done from the age of 2-4 months, after consultation with the district pediatrician, learning about the possible contraindications) - youwill protect it from many negative environmental factors and warn a number of possible diseases.Take a look at these seven key reasons why you need to regularly attend pool for children :

  • Visiting a swimming pool with a child, you will help to strengthen his immune system.
  • the child's body is hardened, it becomes more resistant to temperature changes.
  • strengthened musculoskeletal, forming a strong muscular system - the key to your child's health for years to come.
  • improves posture, joints become strong - produced motor co
  • Swimming prevent such common childhood diseases such as colds, flu and SARS.
  • After class swimming improves the overall tone of the body, increases appetite.Normalizes sleep and wakefulness.Hyperactive children nakupavshis enough, become calmer and more balanced.
  • Children's pool give your child a lot of positive emotions and good mood for the whole day!

Precautions: how to safely walk with a child in the pool

Swimming pool for children: the use and precautions

Visiting swimming pool with a child , we should not forget about safety precautions.Swimming is considered the least traumatic of all the sport known to man, but we should not forget basic safety precautions while in pool for children. Compliance with the following rules will make bathing your child completely safe and comfortable as possible:

  • Before the first going to the pool sure to visit the pediatrician in the local clinic (or invite them home) - isIt will help to determine the load capacity for the child and know the contraindications, if any.And, most importantly, visiting a doctor, you will receive a medical certificate, without which you will not be allowed in any public swimming pool.
  • Make all the necessary vaccinations before heading to the pool
  • If you plan go to the pool with the child in winter - be sure to visit the sauna after bathing, where your child will be able to warm up before leavingout and expensive home.
  • Always take a shower before and after swimming: public swimming pool is still not guarantee absolute safety against infections.Additionally, remarkably warm shower washes bleach, which remains in the body after bathing.
  • For personal hygiene and teach your child to use personal bath amenities, as well as slippers and cushions in the sauna after bathing.The most common infections in the public swimming pools is still a foot fungus.
  • water temperature in the pool for the little ones should begin by 32 ° C, in the basin of the "adult" in which you can let the child from the time he learns to swim and go to school, this figure an average of 27 ° C.Monitor the data, specifying them in the coach or guide the swimming facility.
  • Never leave your child unattended, even when engaged with the instructor.At the beginning of the swimming pool, it is best to stay with the favorite child in the water, gradually leaving him alone, but watching from the sidelines.Fully trusting child experienced coaches in swimming, it is desirable from an average of kindergarten age (5-7 years).
  • Coming to the pool should be about an hour after the last meal - this helps to avoid possible negative effects of digestion, in addition, the child will have the strength and energy to practice on the water.In order to avoid irritating the effect of chlorine on the mucous membrane of the eyes - use goggles for swimming.

inflatable pool for children

If walking with a child in the pool is not possible in view of your continued employment (or other reasons) - do not worry, because there is a great summer alternative to an inflatable pool for children.It will be able to bathe your child from an early age, and you will easily be able to choose the size and depth of the pool at any age.When the pool becomes too small for the young swimmer - it is easy to sell or give away to friends.Bathing in a pool will give a lot of impressions and highlights the life of your baby, and you prepare it and to ensure that begin to fully walking with a child in the pool.

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